Agents of Shield S04 E03 – Uprising Review

Agents of Shield - ReviewRating 4.5/5 – Color me shocked. . .again, Agents of Shield went beyond being just a decent episode.  This episode was really good bordering on great.   Remember my over all assessments of Agents of Shield was that it was too afraid to be what it should be, a super hero show.  In these past three episodes they actually embrace it.  A super human runs Shield, other super humans are working assets, Daisy in encountering something so outside the box it has to have some relation with the upcoming Doctor Strange, and Shield is what Shield always should have been – an agency every much involved in the goings on of super human in this world.   They are who the cops or army calls in during a Hulk fight or a major battle in the middle of Time Square.   They catch the super henchmen and over power criminals, often after a hero puts them down.  They are the reason why a lot of heroes get away with beating people up without due process, because the evidence cops cannot use, Shield can.   That’s the whole point of Shield.   They are not a spy agency.   The CIA and NSA got that one covered.   They are the front line in case super things get out of hand, or to shut them down before it comes to that.   And this season feels like Agents of Shield is being the Shield they should have been from the beginning.   Let’s discuss.

Nicely Overlapping Plots

Emma and Colson are worried for MayEmma can monitor May’s vitals from the lab and May’s condition seems to be getting worse.  At the same time someone claiming to be an Inhuman resistance group is blacking out major cities, cutting off all electronics.  One of the criminals from episode one dies and Emma tells Colson that May only had 24-hours before the same thing happens to her.  The Director comes in and tells them where May is and gives Emma permission to go find a solution before May dies.   He doesn’t let Colson go because of the sudden inhuman threat is making people in Washington, especially the President, very nervous.   At the same time Yo-yo is in one of the blackout zones and Mac is trying to call her to ask her why she didn’t say anything about communicating with DaisyDaisy and Robbie are heading to see Robbie’s uncle to find out more information on the closed plant from last show.   They get word of the blackout just as it effects where they are and they have to go back and get Robbie’s brother home.  Back at the part a group of armed men crash and demand to know who the Inhuman in the crowd is.   Colson, Fitz and Mac drive into the blackout zone only to have everything electronic die including Colson’s hand.  At the party Yo-Yo tries to disarm the thugs before they can hurt someone but her friend see’s her and rats her out.  Before they can shoot Elena Colson’s crew arrives and beat the crap out of the thugs.  They find out that these are the Watchdog and it’s them whose really responsible for the blackout.   Daisy arm is injured from using her powers and not having the pills Elena gave her.  Robbie leaves to get some medical supplies for her and his brother lets Daisy know he know she’s Quake and will keep her secret if she gets away from Robbie.   Colson, Mac, Yo-Yo and Fitz shut down the emp and get word to the Director that it’s the Watchdogs who are actually responsible for the blackouts and it turns out that the Watchdogs are being backs by a powerful senator whose husband died from Terrigin exposure.   Emma and Radcliffe find a cure for May’s condition but almost kill her in the process.  Okay they actually did kill May but almost left her dead too long.

Must Have Balance

This show as a good balance.   It built on it’s past with enough nods while shaping the story line for the future.  None of the character were. . .well, out of character.  The new director is not some horrible person barking orders as if he’s genetically clone of a Sargent from a typical war movie.  Instead the director is a likable guy and the actual reason why the regular team doesn’t trust him is because they preferred Colson, not because the Director is some kind of bad person.   The super stuff was used to great effect, though I wish they’d end this stupid “Quake gets hurt when she uses her powers” thing soon because it’s getting old fast.  Find a resolution for it so Quake and be fucking Quake.   There are better ways to put restrictions on her power.   And the whole self-pity schtick needs to go too.  Let’s bring the band back together and get everyone proactive.    Including Daisy.   The Watchdogs are just a hate-group allegory but the idea of them being manipulated by higher and smarter forces is a good one depending on what the big-bad’s actual end goal will turn out to be.  The whole pretend to be part of one group and turning out to be another has been done in the X-Men comics a lot, but it’s still not a bad way to introduce problems for the main characters.  So far this show has been tight, well executed and a lot more interesting then previous seasons.  Let’s hope Agents of Shield keeps these kind of good shows up.




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