Alan Moore is Retiring From Comics

Alan MooreI could not think of a something snarky to say in my headline about Alan Moore retiring.   How come this was not the lead story everywhere?   I’ve been hearing everyone talk about Margo Robbie, Will Smith, Doctor Strange – but it was only through a Tweet earlier today that I came upon this story.  A life time is filled with various things that relate to it.  Songs of a certain era, TV through the decades, the movies.    For me comics go in that list.   I lived through Alan Moore being something new and different to rising into the literal god of comics.   In this era Frank Miller and Alan Moore together changed comics, and inadvertently were to indirect cause of what would be infamously known as the 90’s boom/90’s bust.   That boom/bust is why Marvel does not own the movie rights to their biggest properties.   Alan Moore did not set out for this to happen.  He just wrote comics.

It’s hard to image today because Alan Moore’s influence has wash so far over the medium that it tends to feel somewhat diluted.  Nor is Alan Moore and Frank Miller the only reasons – the other for the 90’s boom/90’s bust era is weird, interesting and a bit complicated from the POV of a collector.   Suffice it to say that when the speculator market of that era came along Alan Moore and Frank Miller had about ten years worth of work waiting for them.   Of that work are comics that transcended the comic geek niche.    Watchmen, Miracleman, Green Lantern Darkest Night (not exactly the same as the event), Superman – What Ever Happen to the Man of Tomorrow?, and Swamp Thing.    Alan Moore gave us John Constantine, a character who has been in steady print, without a break, since he first appeared in Swamp Thing.

Alan Moore got away from Super Hero stories after the 1990’s.   Most of his stuff is. . .well, there’s still some interesting things to be found.   He became an online rant machine against. . .everything I think.    The way things went with DC left him bitter and full of venom over the industry and it shows in every interview.  Unfortunately his works lends to new talent wanting to translate them, so we got a few bad movies based on his works, which seemed to piss him off to apparently no end.  (Again, this is from the perspective of a comic geek, there could be a ton of inside thing I don’t know.)   And now Alan Moore, inarguably the greatest comic writer to ever work in mainstream comics, is bowing out of any comic writing.

Alan Moore says:

“I have about 250 pages of comics left in me.  And those will probably be very enjoyable. There are a couple of issues of an Avatar (Press) book that I am doing at the moment, part of the HP Lovecraft work I’ve been working on recently. Me and Kevin will be finishing Cinema Purgatorio and we’ve got about one more book, a final book of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to complete. After that, although I may do the odd little comics piece at some point in the future, I am pretty much done with comics.”

Good luck to you Mr. Moore.  You were the best, inspirational, interesting and seriously the god of comics.   Your talent will be missed.






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