Arrow’s Black Nazi? WTF?

Jimmy Akingbola Baron BlitzkriegThe headline is totally misleading but considering the story it’s easy to see why people would get confused. Black British actor Jimmy Akingbola has been tapped to play a reoccurring role on next season’s Arrow as the villain Baron Blitzkrieg. Baron Blitzkrieg was the leader of a group called Shadowspear. Once a Nazi officer in a concentration came he had his eyes and face severally damage by a prisoner and, in true comic book fashion, was experimented on giving him super human strength, laser beams that shot out his eyes and the ability to fly. He first appeared in DC’s All Star Squadron way back in 1977, and his organization has been allied with the immortal villain, Vandal Savage. He’s also responsible for creating the teen super hero Damage, one of a few that DC was trying to make a thing back in the late 1970’s and 1980’s but the poor guy never caught on.

So how does the Arrow plan to have a black actor play the super-Nazi?  First of all they will not be calling him Baron Blitzkrieg, instead he will be knownArrow Jimmy Akingbola by an alias he used once in the comics, Baron Reiter.   Secondly Jimmy Akingbola is in his mid-30’s and black so he couldn’t be a Nazi therefore it’s obvious that the Arrow creators will be using him in a different role as a hero. Since Vandal Savage is plan as the main villain in the CW crossover short, Legends of Tomorrow, we can assume that Baron Reiter will have close ties to this villain as he did in the original comics. According to reports, not only will Baron Reiter be a reoccurring villain but he will be featured in season four flashbacks.

Season Four of Arrow is scheduled to start Wednesday, October 7 at 8:00pm EST.



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