Avengers: Endgame Trailer – It’s a Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad World

The Avengers: Endgame trailer dropped today and wow that was pretty dark.  The “Are you part of the DCEU Memes will populate social media for the weekend over this one.   It starts with Tony Stark stuck in space, and it’s not clear if he’s with Nebula or not, but she gets a split second appearance.  Then the Marvel logo comes up and turns to dust.  After which Black Widow recaps the end of the last film and we see a beardless Steve Rogers crying.  Thanos is still hanging out on his garden world and then Steve and Natasha discuss a plan.  In the end we see Scott Lang who shows up to Avengers headquarters to provide some comedy in an otherwise sad trailer.

Did I mention that the trailer was sad?  It doesn’t really reveal anything.  Like will Tony reach Steve and Natasha, or where Rocket is, or if Nebula is going for daddy’s throat again.   One reveal we did get was that the movie will be opening in April instead of the summer that was originally announced.  The trailer was two minutes of recap telling us things we know and giving us an idea of where the big characters are.  How they plan to fight the Thanos snap or even Thanos isn’t revealed at all.  Let’s face it, we know that many of the characters are coming back – I’m positive Gamora is among those that will come back.  We also know that there will be a showdown with Thanos and what’s left of the Avengers. 

I don’t care if they might use time travel or if they use the quantum real or whatever YouTube geeks and bloggers have been click-baiting for the past year.  All i care about is that Avenger 4 trailer has come and earlier in 2019 than I expected Avengers: Endgame puts a cap on the first round of Marvel successful shared universe experiment.   The trailer was enough but I will watch any more they put out, because I’m going to see this movie even if the next trailer reveals everything we all knew was going to happen in the first place.



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