Marvels Avengers Infinity War Balancing the Universe Review

Avengers Infinity War PosterRating 5/5 – There is no way to review Marvels Avengers Infinity War without spoilers, so if you’re one of the three people who has not seen it then go see it and come back.  The short review is the same and pretty much every other reviewer.   Avengers Infinity War is a damn near perfect movie. It’s going to make some history, especially in dollar amounts. It will not be the cultural touchstone that Black Panther turned into, but it’s going to be one of those top 100 movies on every Top 100 movie list. It’s a perfect movie (or as close to it as you can get.)  A “really that good” and worth the Imax price of admission. The Russo brothers managed to take a huge cast juggle them to a coherent story that called back and moved forward pretty much every movie in the MCU. It’s that movie that meets every high expectation and exceeds them. It deserves all the stars, all the praise and all the money it’s pretty much going to make.

Avengers Infinity War Impact

Avengers Infinity War ThanosWhen I say Avengers Infinity War is going to be big but not a cultural touchstone like a Black Panther or Godfather, what I mean is that it’s going to go down as a great movie but really won’t change anything. It’s the first half of the final act of Marvel’s MCU experiment, therefore it’s part of a larger whole of 19 movies that started way back in 2007 and will come to a head in 2019. Marvel started Iron Man with a promise that all their movies would be part of an overall shared universe. Every movie that came out was met first with the “are they serious” to the “will it be good as” then to the “people will get fatigued.” None of these things make sense when you look at the box office returns but people persisted. Then Marvel put it together in Avengers, after that they suffered a string of surprise hits, lots of failed competition and finally completely changed the cultural landscape with Black Panther. Avenger Infinity War is the pin in the first project and the next movie will be the road to the future of movies and TV shows to come.   Avengers Infinity War shuts the doubters up about how the shared universe can’t work.  It can work, Marvel showed it can work and they also left everyone a blueprint on how it’s down.

Avengers Infinity War & Infinity Gauntlet

Avengers Infinity War GuantletThanos was always one of the better villains in the Marvel comic universe. Since 1973 he was the universal threat in love with death and willing to show that love by killing. The Infinity Stone/Gems was one of those ideas that came from a place of “why didn’t we think of that before.” Comics are power fantasies written in words and pictures, and artists had to find interesting ways to represent powers. Gems on the forehead were usually conduits to some sort of laser weapon, and between 1970 and 1990 it felt like a lot of characters had one. Except for the Soul Gem which was an Adam Warlock thing, none of these gems actually had a name. There was a story when Thanos gathers a bunch of power gems to form a big gem but even then the whole concept of “Infinity Gems” was at least a decade away.

In 1990 Marvel put out “Thanos Quest”,  a two-part prestige format series where Thanos, fresh from being dead, was going from one cosmic character to another getting the gems from them. Long established cosmic beings were being tricked or beaten and by the end of the mini-series Thanos held all the Infinity Gems.    It was not revealed why until Thanos got the final gem and told us that these were infinity gems and powerful on their own but when to combine pretty much made the user God. At the end of this series, the worse villain in Marvel comics had a gauntlet that made him all powerful. It was one of the best “Holy Shit” moments in comics.

Avengers Infinity War decided to throw out the whole “in love with death” thing and make his plan to off half the universe something he deeply believes in because his race was destroyed by overpopulation and class warfare. I don’t know if I can name a Josh Brolin movie. I am one of the few people who did not like Goonies, I hated No Country for Old Men and the only thing I can name I liked him in was Men in Black III. He totally owned Thanos and made him one of the MCU’s best villains.

Avengers Infinity War of Characters

We have all watched movies with a big cast fall apart because the cast was not juggled correctly in the story. We have also seen many instances where directors can handle a huge cast. The Russo Brothers already proved they can do the multiple super-hero think with Captain America Civil War but we all know this was different. This is a lot different because there are a lot of characters. You not only had the Avengers, Wakanda, Guardians of the Galaxy you also have Thanos and his crew. Instead of trying to focus so many stories the Russo Brothers decided to tell a straight narrative using the huge cast as part of the flow of the narrative creating interesting team-ups and character dynamics, and it all worked. Not a moment, a character of a decision is wasted. How they choose to do it is by having it be a third person Thanos perspective. As Thanos gathers his infinity stones he encounters the characters as they try to stop him or his Children of Thanos. It’s a lesson in directing so many other failed shared universe franchises seriously needs to learn from.

Avengers Infinity Wars Death

Avengers Infinity Guantlet DeathHow many times does a McGuffin ever get to have a real logic behind it. The one ring kinda had a logic even though I was never sure how it controlled all the other rings or why the major thing about it was it made you invisible except for a flaming eye. Too many McGuffins are brought in as Deux Ex Machina, where suddenly is can solve all the problems. Writing teachers will warn you not to create such a thing in a story. And Marvel did it anyway in Avengers Infinity Wars. Many reviewers talk about how the people who died in the first two acts will probably stay dead while everyone else will come back. I hate to bust their bubbles but they obviously have not been paying attention. The Infinity Gauntlet makes the wearer God, all-powerful, able to pretty much change anything in any way they want. That means if they want to bring back Loki, they can bring back Loki. If they want to restore Asgard but keep Hela in prison they can do that too. The cold hard fact is Marvel has the ultimate McGuffin and it can do whatever they want it to do. So for all those people who think some deaths will have meaning, they’re right. However, no death is permanent. That’s the power of the Infinity Gems combined.

Avengers Infinity War Big Time Dance Party

In his video essay “Really That Good” MovieBob called Marvel’s The Avengers Marvel Studio’s end zone dance celebrating the success of their shared universe idea. IMO, if The Avengers was the end zone dance, Avengers Infinity War is the huge party celebrating the success of an entire franchise. Infinity War will have an impact because it will break into large truckloads of cash to Disney and Marvel Studios. Avengers Infinity war is only a first part and anyone who is surprised by this has been missing the news for over five years. I believe this movie and the next, called Avengers 4 right now, will be one of those movies you have to watch together like Lord of the Rings or Godfather I & II.



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