Avengers Infinity War Trailer Reaction From An Urban Geek

Avengers Infinity War Trailer ReactionThe Avengers Infinity War trailer dropped so it’s time for everyone to broadcast their reactions. Here’s the hard truth on the whole Marvel and DC thing; it was, in fact, a competition. DC lost. After Justice League and the line of shit that came before it, Wonder Woman excluded, it was no surprise that their team movie would have the polish and depth of driftwood. Marvel has been building up goodwill while sneaking in a comic primer 101 on the general audience. You trust that Marvel is at least going to give you a good show. You might not consider Thor Marvel’s strongest film, but now you know who he is and how he fits in the Marvel Universe. As many of us continue to point out, Marvel made a talking raccoon and walking tree world-wide mega-stars. DC/Warner can’t even get Superman right and he’s the one who started the whole super-hero thing.

So let’s stop pretending that this trailer isn’t a knock-out blow to the fighter who could promise a shared universe and deliver.  This Avengers Infinity War trailer leaves us with a feeling no DCEU trailer has ever left anyone with.  Everyone bitches about Marvel’s villains or how they have a formula and how they’re too funny during dark moments – and whose standing on the top right now and who just failed? Go ahead and point out the big deal that Edgar Wright didn’t get to finish Ant-Man while Ant-Man still made Marvel/Disney $260 million dollars to add to the nearly $7 billion the 17 movies made as of the time of this post. People voted with their dollars. That doesn’t mean the DCEU didn’t make any money at all. If you add in the Nolan Trilogy their movies have made roughly $3 billion, without the Nolan movies the DCEU combined profit doesn’t reach 2 billion dollars. And none of this accounts for blu ray and digital purchases, licensing and merchandising.

What does any of this have to do with the Avengers Infinity War trailer? Well, think about it. How wowed were you by the trailer? I thought it was okay but that’s not what gets me. What got me was it felt like a promise being kept, like I’m about to earn something for sticking to DC. Oh look Black Panther’s there and that means going to see Black Panther is connected to it. Because Marvel not only did this for me they are going to thank me for following their plan. Avengers Infinity Wars is a party celebrating the MCU and everyone’s invited. Will Thanos break Marvel’s villain mold? I don’t know but if I had to predict I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t. Will someone die in this? Again, I don’t know, but it feels like they have to kill someone to make this carry any weight. Again it doesn’t matter. I just want to be part of the party, in the know, a cog in the experience. That’s what Infinity War is. That’s what this trailer promises. And this trailer is why Marvel beat every other studio by simply getting it right.



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