Anna Akana – Stay Awesome, Gotham

Anna-Akana-001If you have not gone to Anna Akana’s YouTube channel, do yourself a favor and check it out now. She’s a comedian, actor, writer, director and film maker and producer. That’s a lot of hats to wear for 25 year old. She does voices, gives advice and is just a very funny young lady. She’s has over a million subscribers for a reason, because she’s just that good. Going to her channel you find lots of sketches, short films and recently she’s been doing an interview show with her boyfriend called “Explain it too me.” Here are some reasons you should be checking out her channel:

She’s really funny – Even when she’s talking about a very serious topic she can find a very clever, funny and entertaining way to putting it. She talks about going on auditions, tragedy in her life, how hard it is for people of color to find jobs in Hollywood, and she does stand-up. I do not remember the first video I saw of hers but I was so entertained I spent hours watching her past stuff.

Her Orphan Black trick – There are a ton of videos where she clones herself into the show and actually has conversation with herself, and it works everyAnna-Akana-clones time, especially when she’s trying to make a point. She hasn’t done it in a while as now she has a crew and is making a name for herself so is ending up in places that surprise me. As show has grown she’s obviously got better equipment and other people helping her with her content. I’m not going to say the production value has change that much because it’s always been spot on, which brings me back to those clone videos she used to do. Just watching her do this is worth the time to watch alone. If you go to her channel because of this I highly suggest you go watch her past videos, especially the ones about bullying, protecting yourself from rape and how women argue.

She’s an excellent writer – Anna Akana obviously writes a lot of her own stuff and I do not understand why she does not have a book or five out there by now (except for all the work she does no her acting and videos, of course.) The writing on her shows is smart, clever and interesting and very creative. She makes her points in videos that rarely go over five minutes and does it with a fantastically sharp wit.

She has a great crew – her friends and fellow actors are so nicely in sync with each other. You can tell they are friend or at least have that level of respect for each other and this makes her sketch that much better for it. I hope she keep the current crew because they are one of the stronger reasons to go and subscribe to her channel.

Anna-Akana-002She’s Honest – it takes a lot of gumption to come on a public video channel and admit mistakes, flaws and fears. Anna not only does it with grace and intelligence, she also makes it enjoyable and funny. And she is up front about a lot of things in her life ofter to the point of self deprecation but never beating you on the head. It a very enduring part of her video channel and one hell of a brave thing to do.

She’s Adorable – Anna is like the little sister you want at every party or event because she’ll always make it so much fun. She’s said many times that she isn’t the best in crowds and you’ll find it so hard to believe, especially with the energy and wit she brings to her videos. And she’s not that annoying kind of life in the party that seems to always lead to embarrassing and party killing moments such people bring to things. She’s just fun, simple as that. This pretty much sums up her entire channel. Fun. She could not be replace she brings something special to things that sets her aboAnna-Akana-Ghosts-and-Starsve the average Vlog or commentary video.

I hope to see her on a show or in a movie one day because it would be a crime not to have this awesome talent in something larger than life like a comedy show or movie. I know she’s in something called Blade of Honor, which I have not seen but will look up, and have been on other channels, like Max Landis brilliant Wrestling isn’t Wrestling. And she has had parts as extras in Awkward, The Forsters and the upcoming kids vs monsters. She also stated her own clothing line called Ghost and Stars, which has some really unique and affordable styles.  Anna Akana is a huge talent and does one of the best channels YouTube has to offer. I can’t wait to see where her career goes from here.

Anna’s Website:
YouTube Channel:  Anna on YouTube
Clothing Line:  Ghost and Stars