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WestworldJJ Abrams’ upcoming HBO show, Westworld, is just another mark of everything in my life getting remade, rebooted or re-imagined.  I am not against this.    Westworld was a very popular film when it came out way back in 1973 when my older brother took me to see it because he wanted to go to the movies and mother insisted he had to take one of his younger siblings.  I got picked because, and this is an assumption on my part, everyone knew who the geek in the family was.   Yul Brenner was also a big name back then, you know who he was because his had that cool screen presence only match today by actors like Brad Pitt or Liam Neeson.  Yul Brenner simple took over every scene he was in be it in Westworld or the Magnificent Seven.  I even watched The King an I a billion times because Yul Brenner was in it.  In Westworld he did not have a speaking role.  He was a Terminator before Cameron even thought about making the movie.  A robot gunslinger whose purpose it was to be shot by the person on vacation inside Westworld.  In the beginning of the movie the gunslinger did his job.  He’d come upon the designated customer, challenge him to a fight and get shot as part of the western experience.  Then he shot back and killed one customer and the rest of the movie was spent in a survival horror of the dead man’s friend trying to escape a gunslinger that was not easy to kill because he was not human to begin with as the rest of the theme park of robots descended into chaos.   It was awesome.

Here’s a little known fact; Westworld did so well it spawned a sequel.  I remember going to see it and it involving  a plot to replace world leaders with robots or something like that, but it didn’t make that much of a splash when it came out.  But everyone remembered Westworld, especially the gunslinger.

Cut to today and HBO has put out another trailer for the upcoming Westworld series.   This series has a powerhouse cast of Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, James Masden, Thandee Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson and Ed Harris playing the Gunslinger – or “The Man in Black” as they are calling him in the show.  It’s a great trailer that show us this is going to be Jurassic Park meets Skynet and I personally cannot wait for this show to start.   It’s looking awesome so far.  Check out the trailer below.



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