Ben Affleck Reveals Batman is The Batman – Wait, What?

Ben Affleck The Batman MovieUnless you want to report on every time Taylor Swift goes to the bathroom or heap an idiotic amount of hate on Kim Kardashian for getting robbed that the internet did (because people can be assholes) there are just times when pop culture offers little in the way of news.  Death of a famous star?  Something huge being made?  Asteroid heading for Disney Studies?   These things I get.  But reports of Marvel revealing that Iron Fist is going to have a trailer or the set photo from the upcoming Punisher series we all knew was coming?  This isn’t news, it’s filler.   It barely resembles good click-bait.   My SEO is going to suck on this one because I’m burying the lead a bit over here but I was really having a hard time trying to decide if this one is actual news.  Apparently on the weekend of October 1st, 2016, Ben Affleck revealed that the title of his stand alone Batman movie will probably be called. . . .wait for it. . .The Batman.   This is a “probably” because in the same interview he said that The Batman made sense for now but that could change.   I personally hate “probably” news stories.   I get that blogs and YouTube channels have to fill the space somehow so reporting every little thing Marvel or DC puts out there about their upcoming or past properties helps.  But I find it hard to bring myself to do this sort of thing.   I’d love for my little blog to have a billion views and be praised for original writing or whatever.  However, reporting on a maybe title makes me feel a little dirty inside.   Maybe I should have gone with the “Wonder Woman’s a lesbian” story instead.  That one in and of itself seems a little silly because a.  it’s been a running gag for years, even Diana herself implied it in the short run Justice League Extreme book from the 1990’s and b) why would anyone care?   If it’s the stand alone Batman movie is called The Batman (as a suggestion from Sean Parker as played by Justine Timberlake?) I have no problem with it.   It’s a title the movies haven’t used yet and it will only make the Box Office Mojo search for Batman movies that much more interesting.

I hope New York Comic Con give me real news to report.




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