Bill and Ted Face The Music Most Excellent Review

Bill and Ted Face the MusicRating 3.5/5 – We all know that this is Bill and Ted Face the Music, right? Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was never going to win an Oscar. It wasn’t made to find the deeper meaning of anything. Like most comedies ever it was just for laugh nutty little movie some people came up with while most likely smoking good weed. Bill and Ted’s Bogus journey actually managed to top Excellent adventure for being weird in every way it could find. What makes Bill and Ted work is everyone in it knows the kind of movies they’re in. To see Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter slip so easily into older versions of these 1980’s characters. This is fun, don’t have to take serious at all romp with character people my age might be familiar with but younger people can laugh at it too.

Bill and Ted Face the Music Daughter’s Generation

I got to give so many props for Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving who play Bill and Teds teenage daughters. Not only were their stories just as interesting if not as insane as Bill and Ted’s, but it’s also their part of the story the provides what should go in history as an iconic scene. I’m talking about the music battle between Jimi Hendrix and Mozart. That scene was worth the price of admission by itself. Aside from that, these two simple breathed in Bill and Ted to the point there is no confusion that these are the type of daughter Bill and Ted would produce and raise.

Bill and Ted Face the Music and Death

William Sadler returns as Death. Total fan service but who cares? You could not do a Bill and Ted sequel without William Sadler as Death. He was one of the best parts of Bogus Journey and even if you never saw The Seventh Seal it’s referenced so much you immediately know the Death character. Having him play Battleship as a series of games Bill and Ted have to play because Death is a sore loser was priceless. Having him be all pissy because of a past disagreement about Wild Stallions was equally priceless. They had to do it.

Bottom Line

Bill and Ted Face The Music was exactly what you expected from Bill and Ted and a little bit more. Yes, it ended suddenly but I really couldn’t figure out where it would go from there. Yes, George Carlin is absolutely missed as Rufus. Otherwise, if you’re a Bill and Ted fan you get exactly what you pay for. If you’re new you get to see John Wick before he was a human terminated and only wanted us to all be excellent to each other.



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