Brian Michael Bendis Leaves Marvel For Multi-Year Contract with DC

Brian Michael BendisEvery pop culture/geek news channel, website, and blog are going on and on about the news that Brian Michael Bendis leaves Marvel to work for DC.   According to Gizmodo, Comic Book Resources and lesser-known publications like Ars Technica, DC confirmed on it’s Twitter that they have signed Brian Michael Bendis for a multi-year deal writing for their line of comics.   Is this a good thing?  Honestly, I think so.  Brian Michael Bendis hit the comic scene running and is responsible to the Ultimate Line of Marvel Comics, creating Jessica Jones and Miles Morales, he wrote one of the most depressing runs on Daredevil and his Powers series is one of the best “cops dealing with superpowers” comics ever printed.

Am I sad to see him go?  No.   For almost 20 years Bendis has been a staple at Marvel and has given fans a lot of interesting and crazy stories.   I wish he’d didn’t Terrantino his way around writing black characters (just because you adopted a black child does not make you the white expert on black people, Mr. Bendis.)   However, Brian Michael Bendis is responsible for the revival of Luke Cage from D-List to A-List.  I’m only concerned with what will happen with the Jessica Jones series, which has been fantastic so far.   I’m not sure who could fill Brian Michael Bendis’ shoes on that one.   Also, DC has been improving on the horror show that was New 52 to the point where I’m actually enjoying Superman books.   I can’t wait to see Bendis’ take on DC characters.



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