Brie Larson and Russell Crowe in Talks for King Kong Origin Movie.

Brie Larson & Russell CroweWait. . .what? Legendary pictures is doing movie called Kong: Skull Island which is supposed to be an origin story of King Kong? Why? The 2005 remake didn’t do bad world-wide making $550 million dollars, but domestically it’s considered a failure only getting $218 million with a budget of $208. We and Dafixer’s Hideout are the first to agree that the movie business needs to move past domestic box office because it’s not like the international box office doesn’t translate to money. $550 is a respectable earning for King Kong even if the movie did not meet with over all praise. I for one thought the movie was well done if not a little too long and proved that Jack Black can move beyond the one-not character he keeps playing. Dear Jack, it peaked with School of Rock, do something different before you fade into obscurity.

According to Deadline, Brie Larson and Russell Crowe are in talks to star in the movie. This after Michael Keaton and J.K. Simmons both walked away from the project. (If you lose J.K. Simmons, you have to really think twice about you movie. The man doesn’t seem to turn down anything – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.) The original King Kong took a kinda-sorta black face take on Kong’s island residence. The 1970s version and the 2005 version took the “dark people with bones through the nose and no real language except for saying “Kong” with every other word. The Island is supposed to be located somewhere in Southeast Asia, sometimes they say it somewhere off Indonesia, and so I’ve never figured out why the native look closer to Tarzan racist view of African than they did racist view of Asians.

Kong Skull IslandThe point in saying all of this is that if this is an “Origin Story” why would white people be in it? Okay, in many of the version of Kong after the original 1933 version there’s talk of other people going to Kull Island and never returning. However if it’s an origin story should it feature how the Native’s built the wall and why. This, by the way, is one of the racist contradiction of the movie. These are supposed to be murdering savages who sacrifice women to their “god” Kong, yet have the technology to erect a wall with a complicated door system which clearly says science and culture of some kind. White people and their versions of non-white people.

Okay, I know that the rule in Hollywood is “nothing can be successful unless you put white people in it” and the whole idea of a King Kong origin story is just dumb, but as I say in other posts; it was in the news so I thought I’d report it. There’s no confirmation as to if Russell Crowe and Brie Larson will sign on to the movie. However there’s a March 10, 2017 release date, so there’s that.