Cloak and Dagger Season One: Run Away from the Old

Cloak and Dagger Season One ReviewRating 3/5 – Okay, the first season of Cloak and Dagger wasn’t bad at all, I’d recommend it if you’re looking for something to watch.  There were things about the show I really liked.  The two main actors, the setting in a place far from New York (where most of Marvel’s heroes seem to be based.)  Mostly I like that they got away from that old comic origin which smacked of “too many white people writing for characters of color.  And while they did get far away from the comic origins there are still some “you’re white is showing” in the characters.  Not to mention I wasn’t clear on who the villain was supposed to be here.  Was Roxxon the villain?  The crooked cop?  Their powers?  The Asian scientist?  By the end of he season this wasn’t really make clear to me.

Cloak and Dagger:  The Comic Origins

Cloak and Dagger in ComicsIn the comics Tyrone (Cloak) and Tandy are teenage runaways who are kidnapped and used to test a new synthetic heroine for the criminal Silvermane of the Maggia organizations.  (It’s a Marvel thing, just go with it.)  While all other captured teenagers die Tyrone and Tandy escape but the drug somehow transformed into Cloak and Dagger and they go out hunting the Maggia and Silvermane Punisher style.  In the comics it’s kinda-sorta implied they are drug addicts but they got dismissed after a few years.  However Cloak needs Tandy’s light or he become so hungry he start pulling anyone he can find into his Cloak.

More importantly, at least to me, Tyrone is a poor black kid on the run after his friend is shot by the police.  Tandy is the daughter of a millionaire super-model who ran away because. . .um. . .reasons.  Tandy has no dependence on Cloak at all while Cloak needs her or he becomes a super villain by proxy.  Yeah, it’s that kind of the origin.

Cloak and Dagger Season One:  The Show

In the show Roxxon and experimentation with weird energy is the reason the duo has their powers.  Tandy lost her father to an explosion at a Roxxon facility located off the shore of the city.  As children Tyrone and Tandy somehow end up on the beach and the energy from the explosion wash over them.  Both promptly forget this ever happened.  In the series Tyrone is the son of a wealthy lawyer who lost his brother from being shot by a corrupt cop.  Tandy runs away because he mother is an alcoholic and it’s implied mom is addicted to drugs.  They meet when Tandy steals Tyrones wallet.

Cloak and Dagger Comic vs Show

Cloak can still teleport but the show threw away the whole “Cloak’s darkness leaves him hungry, bullshit.  The cop who shot Tyrone’s brother is explicitedly bad with connection to cover up the shooting.  And aside from having the respective powers of light daggers and teleportation, Tandy can see people greatest hopes when she touches them while Tyrone and see their greatest fears.  Also, for some unexplained reason they repulse each other when they touch.  The show centers around Tandy trying to find out how her father actually died and Tyrone trying to bring down the corrupt cop.

Cloak and Dagger: The Actors

I’ve never heard of either Aubrey Joseph or Olivia Holt, but both do a fine job one the show.  Cloak and Dagger is getting a little bit of buzz, and Roxxon connects it with the over all MCU.  However, let’s be clear, neither of them make any reference to the MCU other than the Roxxon Corporation.  The self contained story see’s them both trying to fulfill their respective missions that eventually brings them other together.  There wasn’t what I’d call standouts, except for the hint of a future vigilante character called Mayhem.

Bottom Line

The show was okay.  It didn’t’ suck, and story was easy to follow and the actors all did a fine job.  My biggest problem was there was 10 episodes of what felt like set-up and there wasn’t a clearly defined villain.  Don’t get me wrong, there were bad guys but not that one central villain tying everything together.  It’s connected to the MCU despite coming on Freeform but nothing in the dialogue stated that outright.  I also don’t like the weekly format.  Sorry past but the present is about the binge and if you’re not putting all your episodes out, you’ve already lost against Netflix.  I’ll watch the second season but I hope I get more next time.



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