Cute #1: Complex Women

Complex-News-LadiesIf you’ve read my IMO about Cute you pretty much get the gist of what this section is dedicated to, as will a good section of the gallery. You can read it here, or not. It’s entirely up to you. For this first post about cute I’m going to do it about a YouTube channel that will get its own review eventually. So if you’ve read this first and later down the line read the review, forgive me for repeating myself. Or not. It’s up to you.

There is no shortage of bullshit everyone has to put up with on the Internet, but I feel women have to put up with twice as much because some men can be fucking idiots. Especially ones who dedicate an entire category on them. However, if you’re going to put it out there it is reasonable to say you’re going to have to Fact of Life things. In order words, you take the good; you take the bad and all that. In a perfect world no one would have to take the bad. Soon as they start selling tickets to that perfect, give me a call. (Seriously, I’m saving up for it.) Men might have to put up with things like death threats, being called names that even Quentin Tarantino would reject from his movie dialog, the more than occasional death threat and lot of other fun stuff lonely dickheads living in their grandmother’s basements decide to throw out there. However men do not tend to have to put up with descriptions of what people would like to sexually perform on their entire anatomy. Women do, all the time. Some can’t take it, and I don’t blame them. If someone came to this site and constantly told me how they’d like to fuck my ear or eat my ass I’d find that a bit distressing, then they’re the ones who face it and give it exactly what it deserves; the same amount of respect on would give to old chewing gum drying on the pavement.

The News channel, Complex, has a trio of women who do this with a nice blend of acknowledging their “fan” while telling them exactly what they are, and the do it looking cute as hell.

I came upon Complex as a suggested channel from YouTube while watching another channel’s commentary on the Donald Trump latest bit of crazy. There was the cute woman in the little photo and apparently she was going to talk about Donald. Turns out she was one of around six or seven Complex news commentators and she was cute so of course I subscribed. The channel “Complex News” is a very well-produced news snippet show whose commentators do their job with a gleeful professionalism that fun to watch. The report just the stories they tell, sometimes with a bit of snide commentary and leave it for their subscribers to put out further comments. Three of these commentators are Tamara Dhia, Alex Hudgens and Emily Oberg. Believe it or not they are the actual subject of this post, but had to give a little background just to appear as if people are going to read this section for the articles.

As I said, I plan to do a review of specifically Complex News, but for now the focus is on the cute.

Tamara Dhia would be the matron of the channel. She speaks with a sort of worldly wisdom that pops with authority. She’s elegantly pretty with an easy going air or authority and down to Earth sense of fashion. Complex doesn’t bother to give us things like “about” or background so from what I can find she may or may not have been an actress, She from Baghdad and currently works in West Hollywood California and has a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. Aside from being a commentator on Complex News, she’s a writer, blogger and social media maven (whatever that means) with a solid background in video production and online content creation. You can see her gallery here.

Emily Oberg is like the adorable little sister of the group. She bring, interesting and obviously extremely intelligent. She can easily slip between being completely girly and hyper-active tomboy. She’s the cool friend you’ve known for years and ready to have her back it the situation called for it. Her girl-next-door pretty is a welcome addition to the planet as well as how she does her segments with a demure grace that with a dash of snarky undertone.   She the best friend, the moral center and the one to pull you back if she thinks you’re going too far. She has the most perky personality on the channel and it’s always awesome to see her do her thing.

Alex Hudgens is a young lady who seems completely comfortable in her own skin. She’s sharp, funny and has the smoky beauty of a classic movie star mixed with the unattainable allure of a professional model every time the camera points in her direction. She seems like a life of the party and someone you want to keep a close watch on every April fools. She has the playful demeanor of a sneaky world weary cat and the quiet energy of an awesome party ready to happen. She looks like she’d be as comfortable having a beer while talking shit about anything or at a classy dinner in an upscale establishment. She not just cute but beautiful and she projects a take-no-shit attitude that makes you want hang out with her because you know something cool is about to happen.