Cute #3: Kerry Washington Scandal Cute

My Fan Love With Kerry Washington

Kerry-Washington-Gallery (29)I tend to work with Television as a background noise. Back in 1996 I was the co-owner of a customize fashion business that used small scale fashion shows to drum up leads, sales and networking. It was me an a business partner who knew her way around fashion design, attended FIT and was good at Kerry Washington Standard Deviantsfinding our models, who were all college students working on an intern basis. There would be times where I was left alone while they attended to business so I could work on the desktop publishing and website. One afternoon in 1997 I had PBS on for one reason or another and this show called Standard deviants came on. It one of those educational PBS shows mostly for young adults and covered a wide variety of subjects using a Saturday Day Night Live style of comedy – well, as close as a cheesy PBS show could get. Most of the hosts were adult teenagers, not quite 20 but obvious past the high school days. While cleaning up a Flash animation I hear this voice, throaty but lyrical and my cute radar went up. I looked up to see the adorable young lady explaining Spanish pronouns with a partner whose face I promise I’ll never remember. Suffice it to say, she left an impression.

Imagine my surprise when some years later I got stuck watching Save the Last Dance for reasons I’m to embarrassed to mention at this point (Yes, it involved a sexy woman and compromise)and up pops Kerry Washington playing the sister of the lead Derek. Save the Last Dance is one of a slew of what I call “white people can dance as good as black people movies” starring Julia Styles – because she was in a lot of those movies before she moved on to serious ventures like The Bourne Identity. I knew the face and the voice right away and suddenly a movie which I would have badly defined as a “check flick” had a reason to watch it. Later Kerry Washington popped up in the forgettable Chris Rock vehicle Bad Company and even later in Spike’s Lee She Hate Me. She Hate Me had a particular effect that I couldn’t describe on the off chance the children are reading. (Sorry Kerry, but I am a guy.) I would notice Kerry Washington popping up all over the place, in movies, in TV Shows – most notably as Chelina Hall in Boston Legal.

I say this all to say that I found her first and all the people who are laying claim to being die-hard fans need to move aside because I’m the biggest and I don’t like other kids playing with my fanboy toys. Or I’m saying it to show how long I’ve been a fan. Take your pick. Either way Kerry Washington has been one reason I prefer cute because not only is she a solid and actress but adorably beautiful in every way you can imagine.

Serious Geek Cred

latestWhile Kerry was racking up experience being the guest star or the co-star or the girlfriend/wife of, it should be noted that she does have some geek cred under her belt. She played a prominent role in Mr. & Mrs. Smith the well like Brad and Angela action film and she was also part of the William Shatner, James Spader, Rene Auberjonois and Mark Valley ensemble that was Boston Legal. She was part of the unaired-only-available-on-DVD pilot for the terribly under appreciated but quirky Wonderfalls, she played Alicia Masters in the second Fantastic Four movie most people lie about enjoying, she had a fleeting appearance on the geek-loved comedy Psych, as well as voiced Princess Sherri for the short lived Black Panther cartoon. If you really want to get technical she was in a Tarantino movie, but I will always have problem with Mr. Tarantino despite everyone else thinking he’s the next best thing since Lincoln freed the slaves. However Kerry Washington is not only a celebration of being beautifully cute and one of the best actresses of our time, she’s an important part some of the most talked about moments in pop culture history. Had to get that out the way.

Along Comes a Scandal

For most of her career it would be faithful to say Kerry Washington fell under the “That Gal that was in That Thing” classification. You knew who she was, it was refreshing to see her, but she still wasn’t name on everyone lips. Then came Scandal. Scandal breaths that rarefied air of being a hit right from the pilot. 80% of the people who now claim Kerry Kerry Washington ScandalWashington as they favorite desktop wallpaper or go to “strong black woman” knows her from Scandal.

I happen to love Scandal. I agree with everything critics say is wrong with it, and I agree with some of the criticism it takes from some black people. However the show is one of those roller coaster rides that makes the first season of LOST looking like one of those dramas that fill the space between movies anyone actually wants to see. It’s that good. It’s good because it’s insane and Scandal embraces it’s insanity with the ecstasy of Hannibal Lector having a friend for lunch. You have presidents having major affairs, Supreme Court justices offing people to hide a secret, a super-secret spy organization run by a man who makes James Bond villain look like fluffy purse-dogs by comparison, and a running plot centered on a woman who may or may not have blown up an entire office to get back at her boyfriend. Yeah, that’s scandal. One crazy plot with twists that would make a Twizzler jealous. And there is no doubt that the star of that show is. Kerry Washington.

Of Course There’s a Gallery

I have to conclude this now because I could honestly go on all day about how much of a Kerry Washington fan I am. Suffice it to say she deserves to be on my cute list and it looks like the future is nothing but bright for her. While she’s only been nominated for an Emmy, which is a crime in and of itself, she has been recognized by wins in MTV Teen Choice Award, BET, NAACP Image Award and many others. She’s riding on a nice high with the success of her series and the high profile role she’ll be playing in the movie about Anita Hill slated to come out this year. I wish her much luck and even more success and can’t wait for the next season of Scandal to come on. Oh and of course, there’s a gallery. Just click on the last image below.

Kerry-Washington-Gallery (18)