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DC Warner Finally Abandons the DCEU - About Time

DC Warner Finally Abandons the DCEU – About Time

Good news for super-hero movie fans tired of being assaulted by one bad DC Warner movie after the other considered the badly handled DCEU abandoned.   That’s right, DC Warner finally got the message.  Marvel must be feeling like a boxer standing over the knocked out body of their opponents.  Universal has abandoned their monster universe, Sony admitted defeat with Spider-Man and now DC Warner has finally given up on their trainwreck.

According to an article written by The Verge on September 29th, 2017, DC new plan is “Let’s rethink that whole universe thing”  Quoting DC Warner Entertainment president Diane Nelson saying,

Our intention, certainly, moving forward is using the continuity to help make sure nothing is diverging in a way that doesn’t make sense, but there’s no insistence upon an overall story line or interconnectivity in that universe.

She also says that all the crazy shit that’s been happening with the DC Warner movies is not “Chaos” but “intentional.”   That’s like a survivor of a car wreck saying they meant to drive into that truck because that’s what DC/Warner has been doing for the past five years.   Only hardcore DC Warner fans seem unable to accept how bad things are, or click-bait website trying their best to stay relevant.

CBR dropped an article called 15 Reasons The MCU Is Way Worse Than The DCEU, in it, they do what DC Warner DCEU fans have to do in order not to admit things have been going wrong for a long time. They act as if DC Warner was some kind of real competition for Marvel. They say things like “Marvel doesn’t have a female lead hero yet.” or “There’s no Patty Jenkins or Joss Whedon at Marvel.” or, the now age-old, “Marvel’s villain suck.” Except Marvel movies are still the most anticipated things on the planet.  What a bunch of meaningless bullshit.   DC Warner needed to slow down and do things right, not run around like newly headless chickens reacting to every single thing that kept going wrong with their movies.

The main difference between Marvel and DC Warner is that Marvel has confidence in their movies.   Marvel lifts embargos on reviews very early.  Thor is considered their worse movies but Thor himself is still a popular character.  They don’t have the rights to do a stand-alone Hulk movie but have figured out a way to tell Hulk’s story within other movies.  Marvel has the impression they know what they are doing, DC Warner does not.  The rumors of how bad the screening of Justice League followed a ton of re-writes, change in director and now having to follow-up behind Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is their most successful movie because Wonder Woman did what none of the other DC Warner movies have done, made the main character feel like the character everyone expects and wants to see.  Just look at the reaction to the Justice League trailers.  How badly did you screw up for Aquaman to be the character everyone’s looking forward to.

I think this move is a step in the right direction. If DC had started slowly everyone would have understood. Give us a Flash or Cyborg movie first, give us a revamped Batman with a better Joker and then the Leto abomination from Suicide Squad. Calling Wonder Woman ”    Many are saying that it was Wonder Woman’s success that finally opened DC Warner’s eyes.  Maybe the fact that it took a woman lead hero directed by a woman should give Marvel some hints about that goddamn Black Widow movie.  Maybe not.  Marvel isn’t the one one who has to abandon their plans, after all.





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