Deadpool – And Now For Something a Little Different

Deadpool MovieRating 4.5/5 – So, that happened.  The first thing I have to give credit for when it comes to Deadpool is the marketing.   They marketed the shit out of this movie and used every warped and clever way they could think of.   Ladies, gentlemen, spiny headed things, I give a you movie that actually lived up to it’s marketing.   In many ways Deadpool has set a trend for Hollywood in that it broke the dreaded curse of the Rated R movie.  More importantly, however, I believe Deadpool is the Airplane for the super-hero movie generation.   It’s not only funny but it was actually good too.

Yeah Ryan Reynold’s found his calling and literally and figuratively apologized for Green Lantern in one swoop.  Good for him.  Yes, the villains were, well standard comic book movie villains.  Let me clue you in to a little known fact about comic book villains – especially those who bitch and moan about how Marvel movies never seem get interesting one.  They are not interesting as a whole to begin with.  There are some stand-outs, like Dr. Doom (despite they fact they get him wrong in every version of the Fantastic Four), Thanos, Lex Luthors and a few others.  But for the most part they are just there to give Hulk or Spider-Man or Captain America something to punch.  So it’s not exactly a shocker they translate that way in the movies. However for this movie, generic comic book movie super villain is exactly what you need because he become part of the actual joke.

And yes, there was gore, nudity and enough “fucks” in the dialogue to make Scarface jealous.  And again, it not just over used on purpose, it’s all part of the over all joke.  Deadpool wasn’t trying to be clever, it wasn’t trying to be meta and it wasn’t taking itself serious from the first frame to the last.    Deadpool told you what it was in every advertisement stunt, leaked footage and poster and delivered on the promise.   There are so many one-liners that are also inside jokes you have to watch the movie a couple of times to catch them all.   Again, this too was part of the joke.

Deadpool - Negasonic Teenage WarheadThere isn’t any reason to talk about the plot.  If you seen at least five super hero movies you already know the plot.  Stand out actress would be Brianna Hildebrand who played Negasonic Teenage Warhead – and yes she’s an actual character in the X-Men comics.  Brianna Hildebrand had to have had about six lines throughout the movie but they were fun, memorable, held their own against Ryan Reynold’s and if they made a movie about her I’d go see it.   And if this movie doesn’t get some kind of award for having the most clever opening credits that would be a crime warranting a visit from Frank Castle.

The bottom line here is Deadpool is pure what you see is what you get and that’s why it’s probably going to be more successful than the X-Men movie coming out later this year.    The best thing about this movie it was a gamble.  Not by the studio, who didn’t want to make it in the first place, but by Ryan Reynold’s who pushed hard to make up for that Wolverine Origins version of “whatever the fuck that was, it was not Deadpool.”  He took the chance and knocked it way out the park.




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