Director for The Birds

The-Birds-Remake-Michael-BayThe remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, gets a director. Wait a minute? They’re remaking The Birds? Michael Bay is producing it? And no one has gone ape-shit yet? Apparently, Michael Bay under his Platinum Dunes company is about to remake The Birds and they’ve hired Dutch director Diederick Van Rooijen to helm it. Reportedly Naomi Watts wants to start in it and it will be produced jointly by Platinum Dunes, Mandalay and Universal.

The Hitchcock classic 1963 film is about a socialite, played by Tippi Hedred, who moves to California only to discover that the seaside town is under attack by pissed off birds, which attack everything that moves for no apparent reason. This is one of those classics that are on every “top 100” film list and talked about with a slightly lower reverence than Psycho or North by Northwest. This begs a bunch of questions:


How the hell did Michael Bay get the right? Then again, like him or hate him his movies makes aircraft carrier

amounts of money therefore he has a metric ton of pull in Hollywood. Transformers made billions of dollars collectively, Dark Side of the Moon is still in the top

Dutch director Diederick Van Rooijen
Diederick Van Rooijen

ten grossing movies of all time. So there might be a lot of critics and movie geeks with a passionate hate for Michael Bay – even if they continue to go see his movies every time they come out – the money they make speaks louder than persistent Internet hate.

Why wasn’t there aAlfred Hitchcock's The Birds major flame war over this one. I do not personally believe that most movies are so untouchable they cannot be remade. Especially science fiction and horror movies. People complain about CGI as if Gene Roddenberry or Ray Harryhausen would not have jumped all over the technology if it were available when they were doing “practical effects.” (Because that’s all they had at the time, people.) The Bird is one of those movies that too many pretentious film geeks think belongs on a shrine encased in gold and guarded by and A-Team style military force. Just go look at the reaction to Michael Bay producing the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, and that was a franchised based on a dumb comic that because equally silly movies and Saturday morning cartoons. But this one they gave a pass. Did the Internet fall asleep on this one.

Picking a director means that the movie is ramping up to come out so maybe that will wake up the extremely vocal minority that is the Internet causing them to burn down Facebook and Twitter while calling Michael Bay ever name in the book. Diederick Van Rooijen is not exactly the moMichael Bay The Birds Remakest well-known director, since he hasn’t made a movie that got big in the states or a TV show being remake by American cable companies, but the Dutch director has won a few awards and gotten some praise in his own country. Maybe a new unknown director is something this remake needs. Let’s wait and see before we complain, Internet. (Hey, it can happen.)