Disney and Fox & The $52 Billion Deal of a Century

Disney and Fox DealLet’s take a moment and really consider what happenned earlier today between Disney and Fox.  Disney and 20th Century Fox just made a deal where Disney would own every Fox movie and TV property while FOX reajusts to being only a News outlet.   Which is fine I guess since FOX News is the really big money maker for it.   And as Twitter went crazy with the #DisneyFox trend and Facebook keep it as a top headline here comes the speculators.

What the speculators keep telling us is that we should not expect X-Men and Fantastic Four to just automatically go to Marvel.   To that I say “bullshit.”   Yes Disney does not interfear with the various studios it owes, and yes there’s at least a finished New Mutants movie and FOX just hyped up Dark Pheonix with a bunch of  medium level Photoshop pictures.  However this is not just about non-interfearance, this is about money.   Just the idea that the X-Men might be in an Avengers movie, or the Fantastic Four might actualy get a good movie is causing more buzz and if Marvel had an end credit scene of a space shuttle crashing and four familiar figures walk out of it.   The last Fantastic Four movie lost money, the X-Men franchise is all over the place in terms of ticket sales.   Anyone who doesn’t think that the House of Mouse isn’t going to correct that ship has not been paying attention.

We know those properties will be better served in Marvel’s hands, Disney knows it and Marvel knows it.   Sure the purchase has to get through government approval and all that.   Yeah, sure.  It’s a done deal people.  Expect some kind of announcement of Marvel getting back the properties sooner than you expect because that is coming and there’s nothing that can stop it.  This is going to be one hell of a ride.



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