Disney Rehires James Gunn – So All Right-Wing Trolls Can Suck It

Disney Rehires James Gunn for GotG Vol 3This has been a big week for Marvel-related news.  Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel pulled in half a billion dollars, the 20th Century Fox merger 20th Century Fox merger will be finalized on the 20th of March, a new Avengers:  Endgame trailer dropped giving everyone’s wallets the future feels and Disney reverse its decision to agree with fucking Nazis and rehire James Gunn.

And it gets even better.  Not only is James Gunn going to complete the Guardians of the GalaxyGuardians of the Galaxy trilogy, but he’s also going to finish directing Suicide Squad 2.  Disney is going to let him finish DC/Warner Bros’ movie first then let him, direct Guardians, after.   This means we will not only get Guardians of the Galaxy 3 with the intended cast (if the studio forgives Dave Batista for being vocal about them caving to fucking nazis) we also get Suicide Squad fixed and the problem did like it should have been done in the first place.

James Gunn and Right-Wing Nazis

However, let’s be clear about that nazi thing because most geek news channels keep treating the issue like it was a disagreement between two opposing parties.  It was a disagreement but between right-wing white supremacists nut jobs and human beings.  James Gunn is a vocal critic of Trump.  Because of this, a nazi Trump supporter worked hard to get back at Gunn.  They finally create fake outrage over Tweets Gunn posted ten years ago.  Tweets Disney knew about and had him apologize for just before he got to work on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1.

These tweets were extremely tasteless and insensitive so many geek news outlets are afraid to call this what it is.  It’s an attack on a “liberal” by right-wing, Trump supporting nazis.   These are the same people who attacked Brie Larson.  The same ones who inspire racist mass-shootings.  They attack people for being black or gay or a woman.   These are the trolls who faked outrage over ten-year-old tweets.   And Disney listened.  That was bullshit and a dangerous president to set.  So the who #rehirejamesgunn movement was the only disagreement between evil monsters and human beings.

James Gunn, a Man of 2 Franchises

It’s a victory for everyone that Disney reverses their decision.  To me, it’s about fighting against racism and sexism and anything that preaches violence against people.  Racist target people for not following some made-up norm created by basement dwelling sad-sack trolls.  I’m looking forward to both movies.



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