Doctor Strange Gets An Awesome Shameless General Hospital Plug

Yes, this happened.   And it came out of no where.   I don’t watch General Hospital so I caught this one on Collider Movie Talk and had to go searching for more information about this.  Apparently in an episode of General Hospital that aired on October 12, 2016 two of it’s characters, Ned Ashton (played by Wally Kurth) and Olivia Falconeri (played by Lisa LoCicero), are having the typical “can be ever get together” or “get back together” conversation I tend to associate with soap operas.  Out of no where Olivia mentions that Doctor Strange is opening soon and Ned tells her he cannot imagine seeing Doctor Strange with anyone but her.   Shameless product placement?  Yep.  General Hospital is an ABC show and ABC is owned by Earth’s version of the Empire, Disney.  Was it funny?   I could not stop laughing when the characters first mentioned Doctor Strange.   Was it blatant?   Oh hell yeah, that was as completely gratuitous a Marc Wahlberg surrounded by hundreds of bottles of Bud Light during a robot fight.   However this was completely brilliant.  It has people talking, it came out of no where and geeks, who are not notorious for following the goings on of any soap opera not printed in four colors, are all over the internet going off about this scene.  Well played Disney/Marvel, well played.



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