Emmy Awards? Oh Yeah, That was on. . .

Emmy Awards? Oh Yeah, That Came On. . .I don’t watch the Emmy Awards, the whole thing bores me to tears. I have enough reasons to cry about life without adding boredom to the mix. Thanks to Twitter and YouTube I can practically live the experience in perfect little bites of up to 13 minutes of sounds and 140 characters. It’s almost the same thing.

These days the Emmy Awards is like Saturday Night Live since 1995, it’s only funny when you watch the good parts a few days after. Or people talk about those funny parts because you never seem to find them when you actually watch the show. I get that they are important, like the Oscars and custody hearings, but who actually wants to experience them. But this is a geek site and some geek things kinda-sorta happened on the show so I should do my third-hand reporting.

Oh Viola.

Viola Davis EmmyThe big news of the day is that Viola Davis won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. She’s the first black woman to win the award. Yeah. I’m sure the 52 volume of the “First Negro” book series will be happy to add her. (The “First Negro. . .” book was a thing when I was a kid in the 1970s.) I’m not precisely sure why her being the first black woman is met with as some great accomplishment. This award has existed for 66 years and while there is a serious lack of real leading roles for black woman surely they could have come up with one or two in all that time before Viola. I’m going to celebrate the fact she won even if I was rooting for Kerry Washington or Tatiana Maslany to win.

The Throne Has it

The never-ending juggernaut that is Game of Thrones took four awards back to Westeros. They won the following:

Outstanding Drama Series
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series
Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series

And the most popular actor on the show without boobs, Peter Dinklage got the Outstanding Supporting Actor knod.

What the Hell is Olive Kitteridge?

Olive KitteridgeI have no clue what this show is, when it came on or that it was originally a book.  If I ever saw an advertisement I could not remember with a gun to my head and a vice to my balls. Olive Kitteridge took home any award with the words or definition of “Mini-Series” in it and everyone seem quite enthusiastic about it winning. This show took home the following awards:

Outstanding Miniseries
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie
Outstanding Directing For A Limited Series, Movie Or A Dramatic Special

I’m Going To Get Around to VEEP

Julia Luis-Dreyfus got a knob for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for VEEP. VEEP also got a lot of awards. I’ve never watch VEEP. It comes on after Game of Thrones and who can watch anything after you favorite character gets his head crushed while winning a fight. It took home five awards, including:

Outstanding Comedy Series
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series
Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series

American Stereotype and the Other Black Lady

Regina King EmmyI watched the first five minutes of American Crime, I knew precisely where it was going and when I looked up the whole story on Wikipedia it went exactly where I thought it would go. Aside from the glaring stereotypes wraps in the bloody bandage cover called “understanding all sides” I was no more interested in watching this as I would a D.W. Griffin movies complete with black face. But let’s give some props to Regina King for winning Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie, because she wasn’t the “First Negro” on that one and she did get lost in the whole Viola Davis thing.

And the rest. . .

I literally created the image for this post by looking up the list of winners and just adding the photos to the overall image. Like I said I, I don’t watch these award shows and what you read above is about all I know about them. Bill Murray got an award for that show I never heard of, but he’s Bill Murray and really can’t do no wrong even when he does wrong. Bessie got outstanding movie of the week, it was produced and directed by Della Reese (she’s still alive? Wow.) and stared Queen Latifah. I don’t think it got lost in the Viola thing because it barely got noticed in the regular TV watching thing.  Do I think that’s a shame?  Not really.  The story has been done before and ends up being another in an endless string of “over coming racism” movies I’m really tired of at this point. (If wish TV and movies would stop doing gangsta, my hood, overcoming racism, white person saved down-and-out black person, and – for fuck’s sake – slavery movies I’d be one happy black man.)

No super hero or science fictions shows even got noticed because the Emmy Awards is a snob fest towards the stuff that currently popular for a very good reason. These types of shows have only dominated the hell out of TV for the past three years, so why recognize them on a show about recognizing TV?  Orphan Black is an exception because if  even the most hardcore conservative Emmy voted had to acknowledge the job Tatiana Maslany has done on that show. Other than that, this was your third-hand Emmy news because why the hell not?




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