Furious 7 A Fairwell Review

Rating 4/5 – The Fast and Furious engine is flooded with nitro and takes off in the form of Furious 7.   After the sudden and tragic death of Paul Walker the crew soldiers on.  I’ll get to Paul Walker in his own section.  What you want to know is, is the one worth your time?   Let’s tell the truth.   if you’re already a fan you already saw it.  You probably saw it twice by the time I write this review.   There’s no way not to focus on the tragedy but this is a movie review so the answer to your question is “yes.”   The car jump between the buildings is worth the price of admission alone.  We get a new addition to the team, a new villain and some call back to the past movies.    This movie delivers the over the top action set pieces, the insane logic, the lack of physics and plenty of cheesy lines for everyone.   This is just a good times at the movies.

Furious 7 & Paul Walker

I wanted to get this one out the way as early as possible.   Paul Walker’s death was a tragedy and he’s a part of this movie because he was in it from the beginning.   But everyone is putting too much on Paul Walker’s shoulders.   Look, the man did not exactly have that career defining movie yet.   His turn doing Fast and Furious on his own was a bomb.  In fact, Paul Walker was teamed with the weakest character in the franchise, Tyrese Gibson.   The problem with Tyrese Gibson’s character is he’s pointless to the crew.   Ludacris has a purpose as the team’s tech guy/hacker.  But Tyrese?   I have not figured out the point of Tyrese.   If he’s supposed to be the comedy relief he’s not very good at it.   So, in my humble opinion, the franchise can and probably will survive without Paul Walker.  Fast and Furious could survive without Tyrese too.

Say Hi to the Bad Buy

Jason Stratham plays Owen Shaw, brother of the bad guy from the last movie.  Owen blew up Han real good and then blows up Dom’s house.   He then has a kickass battle with The Rock that should be put in the books for the most insane action sequence even caught on film.   (Only Jason Stratham could survive being hit by the Rock.)   He then proceeds to hunt the team and show up everywhere they are.   How?   I haven’t a clue why anyone bothers asking these kinds of questions in a Fast and Furious movie.   Stratham is the bad guy in the over the top Furious 7, end of story.   In Furious 7 Jason Stratham is chaos incarnate that’s the way we lick him.   The final fight between Shaw and Dom is worth the price of admission all by itself.    One can even call that fight “groundbreaking.”  (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist that one.)

Game of Throne Hot

Let’s welcome Nathalie Emmanuel to the crew of Fast and Furious.   She plays the super-hacker, Ramsey and he holds the MacGuffin driving what passes for a plot forward.    Of course, they found a reason to put her in a bikini for the gratuitous “male gaze” camera pan.   If you think I’m going to complain, you’re reading the wrong blog.   She’s already a fan favorite for playing Missandei in Game of Thrones.   Now Nathalie Emmanuel is part of the Fast and Furious franchise.    She totally has my support on this.   Especially since we might lose Jordana Brewster.

The Verdict?

Fast cars, beautiful women, death-defying stunts and The Rock being the Rock.   The send off for Paul Walker was sad and fitting.  Frankly, I did not care if his brother stood in for certain parts or if the final CGI of him riding off was dodgy.  Furious 7 gave him a great final scene.   However, Furious 7 doesnot skimp on the action and one-liners.   If you could ask for more the Fast and Furious franchise might answer by saying “okay, here’s more.”   Furious 7 was fun, fast paced and it did not overstay it’s welcome.   Furious 7 is worth the price to see it twice.   No thinking.   Furious 7 is about a lot of things and thinking about it is not on the list.   Great fun, highly recommended and can’t wait for the next installment.




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