Geek Community Too White Red Hat Wearing & Stupid

Brie Larson CommentsSo Brie Larson proved once again the geek community to be too white, too racist and too sexist.  Interesting that people like Dave Batista, Chris Evans and Don Cheadle have taken highly SJW and activist stances on many topics but none of them have gotten the amount of vitriol aimed at Brie Larson by the stupidest people on the planet.  My title calls them red hat wearing, and I mean that.  Because the same type of people who’d support Donald Trump are the same people sending Brie Larson rape thinly veiled rape-threats for some comments she made.  It’s fucking sickening.

Brie Larson Hates White Men?  WTF?

When you live in a society that often has to be dragged kicking and screaming into inclusion, its not new news that whites are all up in arms about any mention of said inclusion.  Frankly, I feel people of color and woman need to go their own way, but we live in this place so we have to get what we can.   But the reactions to comments by Brie Larson is stupid.

Brie Larson said in a world where white males only make up 30% of the dollars being spent, a world were more than white men like Star Wars, more than white men should have the opportunity to do set visits and have their voices heard about the big blockbuster movie.     Additionally, she thinks her own press promotion for Captain Marvel should include more people of color, women, and women of color.  She had to qualify her statements by saying “I don’t hate white dudes” a billion times as if that’s the point or should even matter.  I’m sorry Brie, these monsters were going to react as soon as you said the word “inclusion.”

She’s right on both counts.  The world is made up of more than these petulant future uni-bombers and future defendants in assault cases.  Even the domestic box office doesn’t matter against the world-wide these days.  We’ve all seen movie literally flop in the US but kill overseas.  It’s the reality, so get the fuck over it already.

Geek Community Problems

This over reaction to Brie Larson‘s comments is coming from the same place this reaction always come from – racists and sexists.  Monsters.  These assholes are loud and full of shit and have too many people spouting their nonsense.  For instance, they keep insisting  Star Wars The Last Jedi was a flop.  It made $1.3 billion dollars, The Last Jedi was not a flop.  Did it have some problems everyone seems to agree with?  Sure.  But it was a resounding success.  Solo might have barely made its budget back but it does as bad as a lot of other movies in 2018.  There are big differences between both movies that come down to one was excellent (Last Jedi) and one was under whelming.  Patty Jenkins is not going to get fired for overseeing a multi-billion dollar franchise, no matter what trolls say.

Stop Coddling Racists and Sexists

One of the main complaints from these dickless MRA pushing idiots is that they are afraid of losing some sort of precious right if people of color and woman are including in things.  Their problems are they are dangerously stupid.  Their sort of stupidity leads to assaults, murder, and rape.  That is the kind of people we are dealing with and it’s time we stop fucking around about the subject.  The only way to defeat these trolls is to shut them down.

If you try to have a discussion with these types of people is like running a rat maze with an electro shocked hamper on ludes.  You might as well talk to a wall, you’ll get a much more sensible conversation.  And these are mostly white males.  Sure, I know they have opportunist idiots of color or females who side with this nonsense, but frankly, that lot can go fuck themselves.

Hideout Heads Is Not the Answer

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.”

The problem isn’t the trolls.  The problem is they promote the idea that they somehow outnumber everyone else.  And from the looks of things that’s exactly how it looks.  You don’t have to respond directly to trolls.  You can block them, report them or make it clear you’re not down with their bullshit.  The way to fight this evil is to be against such evil.  Be vocal.  Be loud.  Make it clear.  Because the white male geek community reaction to Brie Larson makes geeks look like dicks.  That’s not good in any way, shape or form.



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