Ghost and the S.H.I.E.L.D. – First Look at Ghost Rider

As the Labor Day 2016 weekend began Marvel decided to put out a first look at the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider who will appear in Agents of Shield. A few of us geeks are not too happy with this idea or the direction it might go. I’m one of them. Let’s start with the easy part.

This is Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider Comic

He has a flaming skull, rides a flaming motorcycle and happens to be one of the coolest goddamn Marvel characters in their line-up. Ghost Rider is a spirit of vengeance, a hell demon whose only purpose is to punish those who do evil in very specifically horrible ways. He’s almost as strong as The Hulk, can ride his motorcycle on any surface, even water, can burn into your soul with what they refer to as a penance stare, and has a change which he can use as a flaming whip or shot the links at you in a hail of iron and hellfire. That’s right, as bad as the Nicholas Cage movies were, they got some things right.

This is the image of the Robbie Reyes Ghost rider.

Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider

A regular car ala Dukes of Hazard meets Supernatural.  Not to mention that the Robbie Reyes Ghost rider only lasted for a few issues because he sucked.  And that’s saying something about a character they tried to make a fucking angel once. Since the TV side of Marvel is on the outs with the movie side and the whole division is antsy about the whole magic thing I’m hoping (no praying) they don’t make him a fucking Inhuman. They are married to this stupid plot line and won’t let it go even though it’s pretty much suck for two seasons running. Here’s hoping I’m wrong. I’ll wait and see with the lowest expectations possible.



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