Harley Quinn Season 02 – Psychotic Thelma and Louise Review

Harley Quinn Season 02 ReviewRating 4/5 And then Harley Quinn Season 02 ended with a psychotic Thelma & Louise car chase through a church while pissed off supervillains were tearing shit up and the cops were out for blood.  Do you think that’s a spoiler?  You’d be wrong.  By the time I wrote this the ending was pretty much all over everything.  You see in the war of the streaming service something happened in perfect conjunction, Harley Quinn, which comes out weekly, Season 2 Episode 7 called “There’s No Place to Go but Down” aired.  At the same time, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power came out in binge format.  Both the show and the episode have an ending.  And ending everyone either got happy with or acting each one signals the death of heterosexuality.   (Because the later idiots can never read a room.)  So the ending of both these things was everywhere.

Harley Quinn Season 02 – End of the F**king World Kiss

What did I think?  I didn’t really care.  First of all LGBQ representation has been ramping up for years now.  So to all the moral, religious, right-wing, conservative, Christian, Islam following people out there whose various books told them when not to wank off, here’s the message.  It’s out there, you’re not putting it back.  Get the fuck over it, already.  Far as I’m concerned the “endings” were natural progressions of the overall stories.  And that’s what’s important about either streaming series.  Did they accomplish what they set out to do?  HELL YES.  So why is She-Ra and the Princesses of Power got a higher rating?  First, read that review.  The second, because of framing.  Let’s discuss.

Harley Quinn Season 02 – What’s So Funny

Harley Quinn Season 02 proved that they could carry a combination of biting, toilet, and violent humor on and wrap it in an interesting story.  The first season of Harley Quinn focused on the friendship between Harley and Ivy.  This season takes it to an obvious level.  As Harley and Ivy with the crew try to “clean up” Gotham and Batman tries to recover Ivy is getting married to Kiteman.  We’re introduced to Catwoman (Sanaa Lathan) and Batgirl (Briana Cuoco) (We’ll get to them.) And this season includes Darkseid, Granny Goodness, and Bane’s hold in the ground prison from Dark Knight Rises.  The humor works, this season builds from the last, and watching Alfred force Batman to recover was a great running gag.

Harley Quinn Season 02 – Bird of Prey

Two episodes of Sanaa Lathan’s Catwoman and I want her in every episode next season.  I loved how the world reacts to her and how she reacts to the world.  The sight gag of her stealing everything around her so smoothly you never notice was awesome.  The birth of Harley Quinn Series’ Batgirl was hilarious.  (Riddler U.  Nuff Sed.)   Briana Cuoco mixing innocents with a tone of how we old people see millennials, and it worked.  Her need to take selfies and give safety tips after beating the crap out of bad guys was funny as hell.   My only niggle is I felt the “Shitting Under the Sea” parody song was too over the top and there just places I didn’t think they needed to be gory.  However, it’s Harley Quinn season 02 so what did I expect?

Bottom Line

Harley Quinn Season 2 was about finding the potential in otherwise silly characters. They actually made Mr. Freeze into nearly a Shakespearian level love story. I was surprised to see the 2nd season come out so quickly yet that did not stop me from enjoying the hell out of it.  The jokes work and that what you need in a show like this.  No real change in the animation but it didn’t need any. When they do the third season they need to find ways to keep including Catwoman and Batgirl, and maybe tone down the gore just a little bit.  I like the Thelma and Louise ending and wonder if that’s how every season will go.  I hope they find other imaginative ways to make it happen.  Can’t wait until Harley Quinn Season 02.

Best Lines:

“Well, I hope you’re proud of yourself. You just falsely accused the most woke ice-themed villain in all of New New Gotham.”

“Arkum is for the criminally insane, the pit is for the criminally capable.”



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