Fast and Furious 9 Hobbs and Shaw The Kick-Ass Formula

Fast and furious Hobbs and Shaw-Trailer-01So Fast and Furious 9 Dobbs and Shaw trailer just drop-kicked us in the action movie nads and left us holding out our money while curled on the floor.  It’s amazing how people are reacting to this pretty much the same way.  They talk about the length of the trailer, or how unrealistic and cartoon the action is and how they hope they don’t beat a dead horse out of Dobb and Shaw’s working relationship.   They’re saying this about a franchise how makes it’s money off of long trailers for movies with unrealistic and cartoon action that beats a dead horse about the relationships.   The only thing missing is the mantra about family.

So yes, this is a very long trailer and if you’ve learned anything from Fast and Furious since #5 is that it doesn’t matter how much you see in the trailer.  It doesn’t matter if the trailer went on for too long and of all the expectations from any of these movies “realism” is not what anyone thinking rationally will look for in Fast and Furious 9 Dobbs and Shaw.   These movies know exactly what they are and embraces the same way a python embraces its prey.  It works because Fast and Furious is extra and has no shame about it.

What did I think?  I thought the trailer kicked ass. I think having Dwayne Johnson, Jason Stratham, and Idris Elba together where they kick the living shit out of people, scenery and each other is the perfect recipe for cool.  The Rock and Stratham tears through, well, everything?  I’m in.  Idris Elba gives himself superpowers and tears through, well, everything?  I’m in.  Fast and Furious 9 Hobbs and Shaw is “I don’t have time to bleed” kind of action the summer craves, and we’re going to get fed. Not to mention it’s being directed by David Leitch who already gave us Atomic Blond and Deadpool 2.  Everything about this movie screams “billion movie club” candidate.



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