Iron Man – Black Arc Reactions

Riri Williams Iron ManOn July 6th, 2016, the comic world went nuts over the news that Tony Stark is stepping down from being Iron Man to be replaced by a 15-year-old Black woman.  Of course the progressive comic community went the usual crazy with cries of SJW’s taking over Marvel and Diversity for diversity’s sake.  Because any amount of diversity in what is a mostly white male dominated genre is too much diversity.   This is the brainchild of Brian Michael Bendis who has Quintin Tarantino Syndrome (He thinke because he knows black people he’s somehow something of an expert) so it’s no surprise that her name is Riri Williams.   Right now she currently featured in an Iron Man story arc where she successfully hacked into the Iron Man armor and has created one for herself.

I for one do mind this.  It won’t change anything except to have Tony out of the armor for a minute and give us a new character to add to Marvel’s Iron Man Riri Williamsgrowing list.  James Rhodes started out as a replacement for Iron Man way back in the 1980’s when Stark’s alcoholism got the better of him in the now classic “Demon in a Bottle.”   Unfortunately for future Trump supporters there wasn’t an Internet for them to complain about how people of color were taking over their lilly white toys back then so they had to just write letters and cry in their weed.   Even if Marvel is taking too damn long to diversify their movie universe, they’ve given us some really cool characters in the comics.  Moon Girl rocks, and so far I like where the Riri Williams story is gong even if I hate the bloody name.   (Hey Bendis, “Riri” is a fucking  nickname.)  Let’s just hope he can resist putting in the typical white liberal stereotypes.  Otherwise, great show Marvel.



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