Is Jordana Brewster Out of Fast 8?

Jordana BrewsterAccording to Cinema Blend shooting has pretty much wrapped on Fast 8 but Jordana Brewster has not yet shoot a scene.   Does this mean she’s no longer in the Fast & Furious franchise?   I have no clue.   It could be they are banking on success for the upcoming Lethal Weapon series and Jordana Brewster seems to have a recurring role.  It could be the makers of the movie see’s Jordana Brewster to too closely tied to Paul Walker’s character.   I don’t happen to think the Paul Walker role can’t be recasts.  It’s Fast & Furious, not fucking Casablanca or Citizen Kane.   Not even the cast of the franchise comes away with any notion of Oscar worthy performances.  Ordinarily I leave stories like this.    I don’t believe singularly owned outlets for information and opinion has to pad news with silly stories about every move a celebrity makes.   It’s your blog, Vlog or YouTube channel, you can do content about whatever you want.   However the one thing the Fast & Furious franchise accomplished when it got it’s head in the game was to give the audience a sense of that “family” everyone talks about.   I might think you can simply find another actor to replace Paul Walker ala James Bond or Jack Ryan but the general audience – the “not me” – wants to keep a sense of continuity and it’s a formula that works for the Franchise therefore the idea of Mia not being in the next movie for any reason has it’s place of importance.   I don’t think this will destroy the franchise and hope whatever the reason the movies will keep coming out with the same level of fun as always.   Let’s see what happens.




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