Is Squirrel Girl Joining the MCU?

Squirrel Girl In the MCU?  Maybe.

Squirrel Girl TV SeriesTalk about willing a character to life.  Apparently all the internet cries for Squirrel Girl to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be answered.   Depending.  According to a report from TV LIne Squirrel Girl is being shopped around as the lead to a New Warriors comedy series by Marvel and ABC Studios.   According to the article the show will be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and feature Doreen Green as well as other familiar members of the New Warriors, one of the super team of younger heroes.   Add this to the headlines made when Anna Kendrick voiced interest in playing the character it looks like the huge cult following for the only surviving character from the Great Lakes Avengers (no, they’re not dead, but no one is interested in any other character besides Doreen) will come to life.  Who will eventually play her will depend on if Marvel can successfully find a home for the new series.  Like, whose going to say “no” to Marvel at this point?  As more news comes about Squirrel Girl and the New Warriors series we’ll let you know.



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