Jared Leto Playing Morbius in a Bad Idea to End all Bad Ideas

Wow, Jared Leto playing Morbius, the Living Vampire, in a Spider-Man spin-off movie.   This is an idea so bad it makes the Venom movie look like the best idea ever.  And the Venom movie has Tom Hardy who usually kicks ass, especially in Mad Max:  Fury Road.  Jared Leto doesn’t kick ass.  He would have been the worse thing in Suicide Squad if not for the whole damn movie, but he came really close.   I’m trying to figure out what makes Jared Leto so special they keep thinking of casting him as a lead actor is somehow a good idea.  Look at Leto’s IMDB it seems he’s good as a co-star to better actors, but I can’t find one role that makes me go “yeah, he’s good for that.”  He did the impossible and put the worse Joker ever on screen, and his reported antics only serve to make him seem unstable and creepy.  That not even getting to the whole notion of Jared Leto playing Morbius, one of Marvel most obscure anti-heroes.

So who the hell is Morbius?  Long before Twilight made vampires into sparkling stalkers of high school girls, there was a bit of a vampire revival between the Christopher Lee and Ann Rice era of vampires.   Morbius was a scientist trying to cure a blood disease who turned himself into, and I kid you not, a living vampire.  He had the all white skin, third for blood and super strength, but he wasn’t undead so bullets and shit could hurt him.  He popped in and out of various comics and mini-series but isn’t exactly a character anyone outside of comics would even remember.  To be fair, neither was Blade, but that movie was pretty much lightning in a bottle and they haven’t been able to catch that one again.  In some ways knowing that Jared Leto is playing Morbius might work, he’s weird enough and has the look.  But this idea of doing movies about Spider-Man villain without Spider-man is just dumb.   It’s like doing a Batman TV series where Batman is a child but all his villains exist long before Bruce put on the suit.  Who would do something that dumb, right?  Anyway, I have no confidence in this project, nor the Venom movie.



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