Jurassic World – It’s All About the Ending

Jurassic-WorldRating:  5/5

If you’re one of the three people who has not seen Jurassic World chances are you’ve heard a lot about it. It’s the forth movie in the Jurassic Park series started way back in 1993 and the original is not a classic by every definition. The second two were not exactly well received with people complaining about the lack of characterization and bad plots. That’s a little ironic considering there was plenty of that sort of thing in the first movie. Let’s face facts, every Jurassic movie is basically b-movies with big budgets. This is just as true of the first one as it is with any of the others. It’s the special effects that made Jurassic Park what is was, and the dinosaurs were pretty cool.

Oh, and the damn T-Rex ruled. Everyone pretty much agrees on that.

If you’ve heard all the critic whine on about the lack of plot and characterization I’m here to say they are absolutely right. The plot was thin, the dialog is so cheesy it could smoother a Philly hero and the special effects are what they are. Chris Pratt is a lot of fun, Bryce Dallas Howard actually did her lines as if she believed what she was saying, and the kids were not as annoying as they could have been. Of course there is the whole “why would they open this park again after the last time” argument, which makes no sense. That’s like wondering why they keep opening theme parks despite the occasional accident and sometimes death. Of course they’d open the park thinking they had everything under control. It’s a damn park full of living dinosaurs, there’s no way a corporation would not try to cash in on that one.

Another complaint is about the new dinosaur, the what-the-hell-did-they-call-it-again-osarus. Before you complain I do know that it’s called Indominus Rex, and that’s my point. The name isn’t Jurassic-World-001that interesting nor memorable. I had to look it up on a spoiler site in order to even spell it, let alone remember what it was called. Of course they had the usual stuff you expect to see in a Jurassic movie: Guy goes into dinosaur pen and doesn’t pay attention to become a happy meal? Check. Kids wondering into areas unsupervised and almost getting eaten several times? Check. Not so bright corporation owner? Check. Guy who wants to use the dinosaurs as weapons? Check. (Note: If they do a movie where they use velociraptor as war-dogs, they already have the money for my ticket before the first trailer comes out.) Something going wrong and people getting attacked? Check.

So why do you see a 5/5 rating for me if everything critics are complaining about is true? In my opinion they missed the point. First of all, if you take a good look at this movie, it’s extremely self-aware. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and scene chewer extraordinaire Vincent D’Onofrio were just having fun with their roles. They knew what kind of movie they were in, the movie knows what kind of movie it is, and the makers knew exactly what the crowd Jurassic-World-002wanted. I”ll admit that what’s-its-face Rex wasn’t exactly the best thing to come out of the Jurassic movies, but it was there for a purpose. The death of the corporation owner had “saw that coming” signs all over the place, but it did lead to a pterodactyl that was pretty damn cool. However the thing that made this movie worth the price of admission as well as completely redeemed every flaw you can spot in this movie was the ending. No not the credits, but the last ten minutes of the movie

The motherfucking T-Rex and Raptor standing against the whatchamacallit Rex, with an ending to the fight that was the coolest called back to the greatest “only-one-good-scene” movie on the planet, Deep Blue Sea. That fight scene not only made up for any and all of Jurassic World’s flaws, but also for the bullshit way the T-Rex was treated in Jurassic Park III. The fight begins with a badass introduction to the T-Rex and ends with complete and total T-Rex/Raptor awesomeness. When you watch this movie and that fight happens you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Not to mention the best line of the movie was spoken by one of the not-so-annoying kids, “We’re going to need more teeth.” When you watch it, hear the line in context, see how they bring the T-Rex on and get an eyeful of that last monster fight, there’s no way you don’t walk out this movie with the adrenaline rush toddler drinking coffee during a sugar rush. It was that damn cool.