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Leonardo DiCaprio Might Produce Captain Planet Movie | Dafixer's Hideout - Blog of Umar H. Soaries

Leonardo DiCaprio Might Produce Captain Planet Movie

Captain Planet MovieOnce upon a time there was an announcement that Captain Planet might be getting a movie.  I don’t remember when they announced it, but I do remember it was announced around the same time they talked about a Lego movie, a Angry Bird movie and a updated Power Rangers movie.  Since those three got made why not Captain Planet?   Anyway according to Hollywood Reporter none other than Leonardo DiCaprio may or may not be signing on as producers of this Captain Planet movie.  The bad news?  It won’t be the Funny or Die version with Don Cheadle as the homicidal captain planet with way too much attitude.  (If you have not seen it, you need to.  It’s hilarious.)  According to the same report Scream Queen star Glen Powell and writer Jono Matt are at work on the script for this upcoming masterpiece based on a morning cartoon that was in syndication back in the 1990’s.    I know that Hollywood is hard at work trying to get as many super hero movies out as possible before the trends dies out, but seriously guys. . .Captain Planet?   It wasn’t the best or the worst cartoon on the planet but it was pretty cheesy.   I have no clue why DiCaprio is attached but it must be a “remember it from when I was a kid” thing.   Let’s see how thing progress on the Captain Planet movie, but I seriously wish they’d take what Funny or Die did and make a movie out of that.

In a related story, Funny or Die will be making more of the Don Cheadle as Captain Planet sketches.   Now that I’m looking forward to.



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