Logan Review – Believe the Hype

Rating 5/5 – Does a five out of five mean that Logan is a perfect movie?   No, not at all.   Logan had many places where you seriously had to suspend your disbelief.  However when you take these things to their core these are comic book movies first and therefore an inherent bit of the fantastic comes with them.   However this was an excellent movie that did not go outside of it’s own logic while providing an entertaining story with above average characterization.

Logan – The Wolverine

Logan is set in one of those “near-futures” but gives a time and date which will probably have a celebration in that year, because people are adorable.   Logan is working as a limo driver and Charles Xavier is old and has seizures which result in his psychic powers lashing out in harmful, even deadly results.   Because Logan has amazing healing it makes him pretty much the only one who can get next to Xavier.   Something unclear happened to the X-Men and they are only remembered in comics and for some unexplained reason mutants are not being born anymore.   A woman confronts Logan while he’s working at a funeral.  Turns out she’s on the run from cyborgs who want the little girl with her.   The little girl’s name is Lauren and it turns out she’s a clone or Wolverine who also have metal laced claws and she’s been trained to be an efficient killer.   That’s the plot of Logan in a nutshell and it’s played as a straightforward chase/hunt movie with far more heart then you’d expect from an X-Men based movie.

Movie Murder Girls

Laura, or X-23, has become a new line in an ever growing trope we don’t see enough; the Movie Murder Girl.   I know how bad that sounds, but it’s becoming a very tried and true type of character that’s a lot of fun to watch.   Number one with a bullet is Hit Girl from Kick-Ass.   Natalie Portman’s Mathilda from The Professional (or Léon: The Professional, if you’re a purest) almost went there but the movie didn’t have the guts to take her character to it’s logical conclusion.   Dafne Keen plays Laura/X-23 and while I’ve never heard of her before she was perfect.   Her sub-plot is important to the story in every way and the ending solidifies her to take on this role for future movies.   I don’t care what kind of plot-device or McGuffin they use to bring her to present X-Men stories, but it needs to happen.  FOX cannot be so stupid they don’t see this.

Logan Earned it’s Action

In a movie like Logan you know you’re going to get action.   It’s part of the character.   Since Logan is rate-R and we’re talking about a guy with indestructible metal claws you’re going to get bloody action.   Even the places where the story took a more fantastic turn the action was awesome.   There’s a father/daughter battle you only see a piece of in the trailer and the trailer does not do what went down in this movie any justice.  Unlike X-Men Apocalypse where it was all about spectacle in sacrifice of real story, Logan earn it’s action pieces, it’s story beats, it’s character growth and it’s climax.

The Verdict

X-Men LoganLogan is worth going to see in theaters.   Logan was well constructed, nicely paced and had enough Easter eggs to make any X-Man fan smile.   If this is the last time Hugh Jackman’s last turn as Wolverine he went out with a huge bang.   Dafne Keen  has a great future playing x-23 and I hope FOX is smart enough to jump on that fast, because I want to see an X-23 movie ASAP.   If they could do more X-Men movies like they did Logan it’s something I want to see more of, but it’s FOX so I’m not holding my breath.






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