MacGyver – S01 EP01 Pilot Review

MacGyverRating 2.5/5 – Here’s a confession.  I’ve never watched a single episode of the original MacGyver.  I don’t really know why.  Everyone around me was watching it, you couldn’t escape the endless jokes about the character making bombs out of toilet paper rolls and bobby pins.  It’s a pop culture icon even if you never watched it you heard of it.  However nothing about it compelled me to tune in when it was on.    So I came into this one with a basis of who the character was but none of the deep info about the show, it’s characters and who the villain of the week was.   So as I review this one I’m doing so under those circumstances.  Still with me?  Good.

Blink and You’ll Miss It

It’s one thing to call a show fast paced.   It’s entirely another to watch a show move so fast you wonder if you missed something.   And I mean this show moved fast.  One thing happens, then the next, then the next, then the next, then the twist, then the next and finally the next.  Saw how fast you read that last sentence?  That pretty much describes how fast this show moved.   I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad.   But it was one of two things that seemed to really stand out on this show.  I’ll get the other thing in a sec.

So we’re introduce to the two main characters, MacGyver and his back up Jack Dalton.  Backing them both up is computer specialist and MacGyver girlfriend Nikki as they are tasked with breaking into a vault and stealing a weapon being put on sale by the bad guys.  Jack and MacGyver get the job done and get back to Nikki’s van only to find Vinnie Jones waiting with a gun to Nikki’s head demand MacGyver hand over the weapon.  Jack get knocked out, MacGyver hand over the weapon and both he and Nikki gets shot for their troubles.  (There’s no explanation for why Jack wasn’t shot.  Classic bad buy move #1, leave the hero alive to he can hunt you down later.   Cut to six month later, MacGyver is recovering from his wound and hurting over the lose of the weapon and Nikki.  The weapon was some kind of biological agent and it resurfaces when someone test it on some poor saps who broadcasted their death on the Internet.   Chase ensues, new hacker/computer nerd Riley (who Jack knows because he dated her mom) comes on board.    Vinnie Jones is found, virus is located, twist happens, bad guys are caught and the virus is put into the hands of the good guys.  Cue scene from their next episode.

Not Bad But Felt Rushed

The fast pace did feel a little rushed.   I know they only have 45 minutes of show to do and I get it’s a TV show, but the rushed pace felt a little too popcorn for my tastes.   I’m shouldn’t say the twist wasn’t one we should have seen coming, but once it happened it was on you should pretty much seen coming.  But it too happened so fast.    Since I did not watch the original show I have no clue if that’s what is expected.   And no, I’m not going to watch the original show because I want this one to stand on it’s own.   It did feel rushed to me which is why I can’t go above the score, even for that second standout part of the show.

Everyone’s Hot

MacGyver TeamI’m not kidding.  You expect a certain amount of hotness on TV shows, because it TV and that’s how it is.  For some reason it was the second thing that stood out.  MacGyver (played by Lucas Till) was baby James Bond hot, Jack (played by George Eads) was women who read 50 shades of Grey hot, girlfriend Nikki (played by Tracy Spiridakos – whose IMDB reads like she’s gunning for the most geek creds given to any actress) was “holy shit she canMacGyver Cast hack me anytime” hot, Riley (played by Vampire Diaries Tristin Mays) was girl next door you have to marry hot and even the secret agency’s boss Patricia Thornton (Sandrine Holt from House of Cards) was real house wives hot.    Don’t ask me to put my finger on why exactly this stood out, but it’s one of the things that did so I had to mention it.


As I said , it moved a little too fast and the was jarring.  They decided to go the Sherlock route of putting words over whatever MacGyver picked up to use for whatever and I thought that felt a little to imitative.   I’m sure people who don’t watch Sherlock might have appreciated but since I’m a huge fan of the show i noticed.   There was one standout gone missing from the show.   I got the impression from the advertisement that is MacGyver was related to Richard Dean Anderson in some way, but other than a passing mention of a grandfather, the show made no attempt to point this out.  I’m not sold on the show but it hasn’t turned me off either so I’d say if you have nostalgia for the old show or just want to see what it’s all about you might not find it bad TV.  For me it’s at least earned a “give it two or three episodes.




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