Max Landis: Cool Mother-FUQer

Max LandisMax Landis is the son of John Landis. We all know John Landis either because we grew up with or know his iconic movies, Kentucky Fried Movie, Animal House, The Blues Brothers, An American Werewolf in London, Trading Places, Spies Like Us, Coming to America and Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Max Landis works as a screen writer who wrote the now famous movie (and only found footage flick no one bitches about) Chronicle. He’s got a movie called Mr. Right coming up starting Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell, and American Ultra with Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg and Topher Grace. More importantly he’s have a YouTube channel called “Uptomyknees” where he post anything he wants to.

Don’t get the impression that this channel is just a chaotic bunch of videos that doesn’t have a specific direction. The channel if more of a Max Landis stream of consciousness. There plenty of commentary, his love of wrestling, a series of videos called Girl Stories, opinions on Superman, he does Ask Me Anything videos and will put in clips of him on other shows. What makes Max Landis one of the coolest YouTube creators today? Here’s what.

Death-and-Return-of-SupermanRemember back in the day when one of Kevin Smith strongest talents was his lectures? Kevin Smith knows how to tell a story and make it riveting, interesting and really funny. Somewhere along the line Keven decided to smoke weed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not against smoking or drinking or anything that adults do in the privacy of their own homes that does not really hurt anyone else. But something changed in Kevin since he started smoking weed. Maybe it was also the lack of success his movies seem to suffer. Maybe because he may or may not think he’s in exactly the same Wrestling Isn't Wrestlingplace he began and that could but a dent in anyone’s progress. I have not clue, I only know Mr. Smith from his movies and the talks he gives. And the man if fantastic at doing those talks.

Max Landis has exactly the same talent only in Superman proportions. The man could tell a story about how he got a spider out of his house and it would be one of the funniest things you’ve ever heard in your life. The three best talks he gave, and this is my personal opinion, is “Wrestling isn’t Wrestling”, the “Death and Return of Superman” and “Death and Return of Superman Max Landis Pitch.” If you have not watched these videos you should. It does not matter if you are a wrestling fan or not, if your are into comics or not or if you only know Superman from movies and animations or a full tilt comic geek – you will love these videos.

Death and Return of Superman – It’s hard to believe we are reaching a time when this is now history. I collect comics and remember when this happened. Max Landis explains the story as only Max Landis can, and everything he says is absolutely true. He has friends acting out scenes and there’s are just pure moments of awesome. (Green Lantern killing Elmo also leaves me in tears.) It is one of the best videos on the planet.

Death and Return of Superman Pitch – Apparently back in 2013 Max Landis almost wrote a reboot of the Death of Superman story for DC Comics. If it had happened he would have been teamed up with Greg Pak and would have retold this story his way. On this video it’s just Max Landis telling the story he would have written if he had the chance, and it’s just wall to wall awesome. Its one of those things that might not happen (but you never know) but if it did I’d buy every issue even though I’m currently taking a firm stance against buying comics for $4.99 and up. Again, you don’t have to be a Superman fan or a comic fan to enjoy the hell out of this video.

Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling – I used to watch wrestling a long time ago, but somewhere between HULKAMANIA and WWE I stopped. It just wasn’t for me. Of course it’s a huge part of pop culture, makes millions on Pay-Per-View and I still have some friend who watch it religiously. I don’t hate it and am not against it. It’s just entertainment to me where the start occasionally come to stuff I’m into like TV and Movies. However if I did not know a thing about wrestling, this video would have gotten me into wrestling.   Most of the parts, male or female, are acting by female actors and YouTube content creators with a few men thrown into some of it – China is especially funny. It’s a perfect introduction to what wrestling is and why it’s so popular, and it’s just a fantastic video all around. Of course I’m going to say again, you don’t have to be into wrestling or like wrestling to enjoy this video. If you are a wrestling fan you will love the shit out of this video.

I know Max Landis’ main career is as a screen writer, but I hope he keeps going with his video channel I also hope he considers doing more videos about some of the crazy shit that’s happened in pop culture over the years, especially some of the really bad comic stories. (Please do Maximum Clonage, dude. Seriously.) He has a great channel and it’s worth subscribing to.