D23 Begins with The MCU Losing Spider-Man

The MCU Losing Spider-ManD23 opened on August 23rd with a cool Star Wars trailer and the News that the MCU will be losing Spider-Man.  I found out on YouTube and after doing a quick search I found everyone was talking about it.  This has been reported by everything that reports things on the planet, so everyone knows.  We’ve reached the point where even a non-comic reader understands that this means there might be no cooler Tom Holland interactions with the other Marvel Heroes.  We also know that Sony does not have the best track record when it comes to Spider-Man.  Not the worse, but let face facts, Into the Spider-Verse was Sony Forrest Gumping it’s way to success.  No one saw that shit coming.

What does it mean that the MCU will be losing Spider-Man?   To there credit, a lot of the usual reviewers on YouTube are trying to put on a really brave face.  Because they don’t want to add to the outcry that will dominate most comment sections about this news.  However they are looking at this the same way I am, Sony is a company run by idiots.

Why Exactly is MCU losing Spider-Man?

Here’s how it goes.  Sony attempted to compete with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe by creating one around Spider-Man.  So they made Amazing Spider-Man but repeated too many of the same beats from the first Spider-Man movie.  As much as people tried to lego it into place, Andrew Garfield was not a great Peter Parker – he just didn’t have that not-cool-nerd look that Toby McGuire did.  The Amazing Spider-Man spent more time focusing on making this a cinematic universe then it did on story or logic or plot.  The plot was shit.   You could tell the stuff that was shoehorned into Amazing Spider-Man like an “!” popped up over in ala Metal Gear Solid.   Amazing Spider-Man 2 was worse on too many levels to get into.  While both movies did reasonably well neither made the kind of money Sony was hoping for and both were panned by critics and fans nearly universally.

So Sony and Marvel agreed.  Marvel would foot most of the bill on future Spider-Man movie productions if Sony would allow the character to become part of the MCU.  Marvel spend less money on both movies and both movies not only kicked box office ass but they were also praised by nearly everyone.  Marvel/Disney feels that they should either be paying less for the movie production or get more of the profits.  Sony is feeling a bit of an afterglow about Venom being a success so they don’t want to play ball with Disney.  Geek camps are a little split on who’s right on this one, but for my money, I’m with Marvel.  Sony is having success with Spider-man specifically because of Marvel.

Whatever is going on behind the scenes on this one we all hope Sony and Marvel resolve it quickly.



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