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Michael Massee (Funboy in The Crow) Dies at 63 | Dafixer's Hideout - Blog of Umar H. Soaries

Michael Massee (Funboy in The Crow) Dies at 63

Michael Massee FunboyOn October 20th, 2016 character actor Michael Massee passed away at age 63 from losing his battle with stomach cancer.  Michael Massee is most famous for playing FunBoy in Brandon Lee’s The Crow, and is also infamous for firing the prop gun that discharged accidentally killing Brandon Lee on the set.   Michael Massee took a long sabbatical after the incident and returned to acting much later to appear in some of the most icon TV and movies, besides The Crow.  He’s been in the first season of 24, voice Dr. Banner in Hulk animations, appear in Se7en, Momentum, Amistad and the list goes on and on.   He’s one of those “guys that was in that thing” faces you remember when you see him and are often surprised at how much he’s actually been in.   For me he will always be FunBoy one of the curiously interesting characters in one of my favorite comic-to-film movies.  Rest in peace Michael Massee, you left the world a little better for having been in it.




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