Mr. Right Review

Mr Right Review image 1(Rating 4/5) I’ve learned a long time ago to never let a small movie get by me when it has an interesting premise.  Mr. Right is one of those small movies.  It’s not trying to be epic, it has annoying drips of quirky but there are some actual surprises and unique character actions.   You’re not going to learn the secret of the universe, but you will have a good time.  It did not have too many moment where it wasn’t at least entertaining.   Mr Right Review image 2

Martha McKay just caught her current boyfriend cheating and is having a hard time getting over the break-up.   She begins driving her friends crazy and they are this close to having enough of her.  One day she bumps into Francis.  Francis is an assassin whose had a change of heart.  Not to stop being an assassin but to kill the people who hire him or other assassins because he’s decided murder is wrong and those who pay to have it done should be punished.  Martha and Francis get along right away and fall in love – because. . .movie.  Of course Francis comes with a bit some pretty heavy baggage because of his career choices in the form of other shady types who are out to kill him and a scene stealing Tim Roth who wants him back where he belongs.  Martha gets caught up into Francis’ world and finds out she kind of likes it.  And a new interesting couple is born..

I like Anna Kendrick.  She’s funny.   I am a fan of Pitch Perfect and loved her in Scott Pilgrim.   Some people complain she seems to play the same character in every movie (a critique they never make of Christopher Walken) and I think that’s the point.   You want her frantic, effected by everything in the world but not affected attitude.  It works for Miss Kendricks.  Sam Rockwell is, well, Sam Rockwell.  You know you’re going to have fun when he’s on camera and you do.  He seemed to be channeling Brad Pitt a little but he still pretty much stole pretty much every scene.   Tim Roth was obviously having fun playing the good guy/bad guy thing, and every line he spoke was worth at least a smile.  The bad guys were fun if nothing exactly new from what you’ve seen in movies like Get Shorty or Big Trouble or any Guy Richie movie.   Of course the leaders had to play it over the top, but where they ended up was funny.  This of this movie as a Mr. & Mrs Smith for young millennials.  I’m not sure if it worth the price of a New York movie theater ticket, but I wasn’t screaming to get that 90 minutes of my life back like I was with certain DC super hero movies.



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