Mulan Moves to Disney+

Disney+ to Stream MulanDisney has just announced it’s going to move its big-budget live-action version of Mulan to Disney+ at a price of 19.99,  This is marking the first real crack in everyone holding their movies until COVID19 is under control.  That last movie I saw in theaters was Bloodshot.  (Omen?)  That was back in March and as the virus got worse and the place shut down (and New York City looked like the establishing shot to a zombie apocalypse movie) it was clear that things were going to change.  Like it or not, this announcement by Disney is a sign of what the change will mean.  Even in March when this virus was ramping up there were like four people in that theater with me and Bloodshot.  Streaming the big-budget movies was coming anyway.  Already some movies were being offered via VOD.   COVID19 it just speeding that process up.  Will I see Mulan?  Frankly, I’m not interested.  But if Wonder Woman 1984 comes to Streaming for a price, then I just might have to pay that.   And before anyone complains about the extra price, let’s try to remember that most movies are damn near $20 and Imax is going to cost you $29.  At least in New York City.  So, there’s that.



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