Netflix Reboots Lost in Space and They Found Their Judy

Taylor RussellOn June 30th, 2016, Netflix announced that they were rebooting Lost in Space with an order for a 10 episode first season that is coming in 2018.   After being quiet since this announcement Netflix is now reporting the most important part of any movie or TV announcement, casting.   According to September 17th reports from Falling Skies Taylor Russell has been cast as Judy Robinson, the role played first by Marta Kristen in the original 1965 series then by Heather Graham in the 1998 movie.   Zack Estrin (executive producer on Prison Break) will be the show runner while Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (Power Rangers, Dracula Untold) will be doing the writing chores.   Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall is rumored to be part of it but nothing official on his role as of yet.   Legendary Pictures has been trying to bring the show to Netflix since 2015 and will act as the main producers.

Why so Late on Lost in Space

I grew up with Lost in Space.  I was too young to remember it as an original TV show but it was one of those show that used to re-run endlessly back in the days before cable and Netflix & Chill.  I am not someone who is against reboots.  Being a Science Fiction fan I happen to think there’s a metric ton of movies and TV that need updated writing and special effects reboots.  However if you are in the business of following Pop Culture news, especially about new shows and movies, you learn to wait for the casting.   Everyone jumps on an announcement of a show and then something happens and people walk away, stations pull out, rights get questioned and suddenly the show you think was coming is not coming at all.  Unless it’s too big to fail, like Star Trek or, right now, Game of Thrones, you wait for something more concrete than “we’re going to reboot this TV show.”  Let’s not forget that Lost in Space move tanked for many good reasons and John Woo was shopping around the idea of doing it back in 2003.  So when they start casting that’s always a great sign of momentum on any project.  The fact that they’ve signed Taylor Russell on and are announcing it on every entertainment news outlet is also a good thing as she’s raising her geek cred with every project she does.

Who is Taylor Russell

Taylor Russell Falling SkiesRight now Taylor Russell is in “That Gal Who was in That Thing” status.   It’s par for the course with most actors and actresses.  She had a minor role in Strange Empire, played Evelyn in the 5th season of Falling Skies, was in an episode of Dead of Night and is in the upcoming Sea of Change, which I could not find any information about.   She’s pretty and is one of those actresses who can play younger then her 22 years.  She is the right age to play Judy Robinson, who was the oldest daughter and love interest of Major West.  Since the makers of the show choose her this will be an ethnically diverse Robinson Family.

This is the extent of the casting news so far.  As more news comes in I’ll be reporting it.






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