Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe Trailer – Yeah, That Happened

Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe Web SeriesValiant has fired it’s first salvo in their push for a cinematic universe with the Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe Trailer.  Only a few months ago I remember some rumblings from Valiant Comics that they were stepping into the super hero movie game.  Makes sense.   Super Hero movies and TV are the vogue of the day.  I know you hear some geeks or so-called reviewers talking about the idiotic idea of there being some kind of fatigue among the general audience because out of hundreds of movies four to six Super-Hero movies come out a year.   It’s because we geeks can be idiots sometimes.   But also because people miss-read how things are going.  Instead of admitting companies like DC and Warner are just making bad movies, it’s has to be fatigue causing less people to see them.  Which is why three super hero shows are in the top ten TV watching, Marvel is still cracking over a billion on Civil War, and Luke Cage watchers literally brought Netflix to a stop.    There isn’t any fatigue.   It’s only people wanting something different.  Unlike comic fan, movie goers can smell imperfection and have no need to support it like we do every bad comic just to own the complete set.   The Valiant Universe could be something different.   However comparatively Valiant is small, and when they made the announcement it was a five picture deal with Sony.   Sony is already producing Powers and it’s. . .well, not the worse is the best I can say.  (The 2nd season was an improvement.)   Valaint was supposed to start with Harbinger and lead into Bloodshot.   Everyone was expecting more announcement on that from Comic Con.  Instead they got this:  Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe.

Okay, it’s a little rough.    There’s a bit of a Powers Feel to it.   And the order of extra cheese is covering every line of dialogue,   However, it’s going to be a web series, the buzz on the Sony deal has left a taste for more on people’s minds and starting with a web series might be a pretty good move.    Mortal Kombat got a ton of buzz from the two YouTube/Web series released for them,  Adi Shankar viral bootleg video did not hurt the Power Rangers reboot in the least, so jump starting the future Valiant live action universe with a web series fits right in with how these things are marketed today.  It’s a clever move to introduce the world to a super hero universe separate from Marvel and DC.




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