Oscars Nominations so Geek. . .and Black. . .and Magic

Oscar Nomination Geek ListSo, the Oscar nominations came out and while the movies that got the most of the top ones are the usual stuff no one saw or heard or even talked about.   Oscar front runners tend to be movies who gets buzz from being nominated.  Usually the nominations are for the major awards.   It was like this long before the internet.  Ao the fact is absolutely no one was talking about The Favourite or At Eternity’s Gate.  There was no slew of reviews or video essays talking about the deeper meaning of the deeper meaning for these movies.  They never came up in a YouTube suggestion nor Facebook post or even a Trump Tweet.   They are the kind of movies the Oscars always choose – the kind only movie snobs go to see.

Oscar Nominations: The Ones No One Sees

This does not mean any of the so-called Oscars Nomination favorites are bad.  Some of them are extremely unwatchable.  For the most part the movies are exceptional examples of movie making.  When watching them you completely understand why they were nominated.   But when they announce the Oscars and certain movies get nominated in more than two of the big categories suddenly everyone treats them like they’ve been the meme for years everyone was posting about.

Oh, I’m sure The Favourite and At Eternity’s Gate have their fansites and fanfiction.  I’m sure someone with a YouTube channe; or blog reviewed it.  Maybe even someplace like  JoBlo.com, because they review everything.   Yet you’ll only article on the nominations, you have to search the archives to get anything else.

That has always bugged me about the Oscars.  It like if they could only movies with subtitles would get their nomination.  They can’t do that, because a lot of those movies suck.  However I’m an American moviegoer, suck is a bloody artful here.  How else can you explain the success of the Transformers under Michael Bay?  So since this is Oscar period and it the buzz of the day I wanted to get that part off my chest.

Oscar Nominations:  The Big Black Panther Story

The big story is how Black Panther came away with a nice bag of nominations, including best picture. Bravo, Oscars.  Do you remember that plan to create a separate but equal award for movies like Black Panther?  That idea seemed so full of shit and over the top that even the Klan said, “Fuck, that’s racist.”  It’s a far better choice to recognize it in as many ways as you can.  And Black Panther’s Oscar Nominations are nothing to sneeze at.

At the Oscar Nominations Black Panther is listed for Best Picture, Best Original Song, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Original Score. Those are awards the actually mention during the broadcast.  Not to mention these are really huge nods.   And Black Panther is such a cultural phenomenon that it does not even have to win.  I’m 100% positive Marvel is flying high just from having one of their movies and aspects of their movie’s creation being Oscar Nominations.  They are writers and artists at heart, they’ll work it in.

Oscar Nominations For Geeks

I’m afraid we only got three this year, fellow geeks.  Of course, I just talked about Black Panther, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse got a nod for Best Animated Feature Film, and that’s pretty goddamn big.  Not to mention it deserves to win because of how it seamlessly blends a variety of animation style into one hyperkinetic little movie.

Avenger Infinity War got a nod for best visual effects.  That’s really good but we all know Josh Brolin was totally subbed from a Best Supporting Actor nod.  Same reason Heath Ledger deserved it for Dark Knight.  They were supposed to be villains and they became their movies.   That takes talent, pure and simple.  It should be recognized.

Oscar Nominations:  BlacKKKlansman  and Poppins

BlacKkKlansman Best Picture, Adam Driver got Best Supporting Actor, Spike Lee got a Best Director nod and Joel and Ethan Coen got Best Adapted Screenplay nods. BlacKKKlansman got the best film editing and a nod for best original score. That’s pretty awesome. Spike Lee is a veteran director who has his own unique style.   While Mr. Lee gets his due it’s not often he’s recognized by the big boys of the big boys. Good on Spike Lee and I wish him luck.

The isn’t much of anything else to talk about. I mean if you’re a Mary Poppins 2 fans it got nods for Production Design, Original Score and Original Song. I didn’t see it and never had the urge nor inclination to watch the original but I hear good things about it. The Oscars are the Oscars and I’m not really ever going to watch it, but I will report on the news about it when it does something interesting.




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