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PewDiePie’s Millions

PewDiePie Make 7.4 Million DollarsReportedly Swedish YouTube content creator PewDiePie, whose channel has over 37.7 million subscribers and over 9 billion views and is dedicated to playing video games while people watch – seriously, that pretty much what he does – is currently making 7.4 million dollars a year. On the channel he offers commentary, reviews and sometimes the occasional vlog. He’s also noted as being the most subscribed to channel on YouTube topping every actor, singer and angry YouTuber with an ax to grind out there.

Of course this is the Internet and reactions range from tin foil hat conspiracies to claim that he earning money for doing nothing or he’s sold out. What he sold out of isn’t exactly clear since he only earning money putting out content his fans want, but when has logic ever stopped the Internet from a good conspiracy theory. From what I’m to understand the man is funny and people love him. I’ve watched one or two of his videos and they aren’t for me, but he obviously doesn’t need me to be making money
Without actually having to PewDiePie came out with a statement about his earnings and success saying, amongst other things, that he does give a great deal of money to charities and

“They thought I just sit on my ass all day and i just yell at the screen over here — which is true — but there’s so much more to it.

If you think someone’s funnier, go refresh their videos over and over, because that’s how we get paid.”

PewDiePie002Frankly I think even this much of a reply is more than anyone really deserves. He does what he does and he makes what he makes and I think it’s awesome and that about it. Here’s wishing him and every other YouTube creator as much success as they can get.

By the way, he’s also selling a book called This Book Loves You on Amazon and from my understanding it’s a real hoot.