Power Rangers Teaser Surprise

Power Rangers 2017 MovieColor me Surprised, I actually liked the teaser trailer that just dropped for the 2017 Power Rangers movie.   Before you think I’m channeling some inner child or living off some form of nostalgia, it should be pointed out my inner child has been an outty since forever and I was way too old to get into Power Rangers when it really was a thing.   Sure I watched many of the brilliant cartoon like Animaniacs or Freakazoid, and as a comic fan I was all over Batman and Superman the Animated series along with Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.    I was in my late 20’s when the X-Men Cartoon came out and even love after school shows like Eek the Cat and every version of Transformers they threw at us before Michael Bay made them billion dollar earning movies.  Power Rangers, on the other hand, came out when I was approaching 30 and always gave me that special “what the hell am I watching” feeling.   There’s no denying Power Rangers has had a huge cultural impact and whatever you think about it you cannot deny that the show has been going strong since it first came out.    I did not consider the reboot any big news.   It’s had a couple of. . .let’s call them movies, and there’s enough YouTube parodies on the show to fill a concert hall at this point.   I did not watch the show, had no love for it, never intended to see any version of the movies so this was not news I felt it worth reporting.   When they showed the Iron Man influenced suits early in 2016 it left me with a great big Meh.   Then this trailer drops during New York Comicon and it’s more like a generic super hero movie then the guys in bad rubber suit TV show it started as.   They are taking a few pages from Michael Bay and Marvel Studios and going at this one from the origin story and I have to be honest, that’s not a bad idea.   If you think about Power Rangers at their core they are super heroes, they sport some pretty impressive powers if taken a little more seriously and elevating it to the current zeitgeist of super hero culture is probably the smartest move.  Don’t get me wrong.   I don’t think the movie will make major money, nor do I think Oscar is going to look and say “we need the 2017 Power Rangers on our list.”  But it does have a chance of making money and creating fresh thing out of something that’s got old for most people pretty fast.   Hey, it worked for Godzilla, why not bring the Power Ranger at least to current special effects standards.   My verdict is, well done trailer.  Have a look.




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