Rihanna’s 100 Million Digital Milestone

Rihanna-New-AlbumOn Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 The Recording Industry Association of America announced that multiple Grammy winner Rihanna had become the first – and so far the only – digital single artist pass more than 100 million collective digital most digital single awards beating out artists like Taylor Swift, Rihanna-Recording-Industry-Association-of-AmericaBeyonce and Katy Perry. This is quantified by the recording industry’s digital single certifications counting Rihanna’s download sales and on-demand streams in the United States. Taylor Swift came in 2nd place with 88 million certified units, Kety Perry is in 3rd with 79 million and Kanye West and Lady Gaga round out the 4th and 5th respectively.

The association’s chairman, Cary Sherman, said during a press conference announcing this milestone, “Rihanna has not only surpassed RIAA’s one-hundred million mark, but also is the first artist to do so. It’s an historic feat and a testament to an extraordinary career.”

At only 27 Rihanna has been topping the charts since the debut of the Music of the Sun in 2005, and became a mega-star with the album Good Girl Gone Bad in 2007. She’s been nominated for nine Grammies, won eight and has to date sold over 150 million record world wide. With seven studio album to her name and a YouTube following of well over 16 million, Rihanna has been one the most success artist in this generation. She is one of the horrible TMZ’s and entertainment news’ favorite play toy as they feature everything that goes on inRihanna-BBHMM-Video-YouTube the singers life even to the point of reporting hard hitting stories like Rihanna drinking in a club. She’s never been afraid of controversy constantly taking on Instagram and their double standard when it comes to males and females being topless.

Interestingly enough Rihanna did catch a lot of flack with her and Floyd Mayweather’s attempt to “bring awareness to domestic violence” which most of Rihanna BBHMM Videothe Internet did not take to kindly to. (Floyd Mayweather is a known abuser of women, and some people did not find what the two did funny or good for raising awareness of such a serious topic.) That got over shadowed by RIAA’s announcement. This, of course, lead to a lot of conspiracy theories, but what’s the Internet without those?

The R&B singer reacted to this news on social media saying, “Thank you God for fulfilling Your plans in my life…. All the Glory belongs to You!!!!” and “HistoRIH!!!! First and only!!! God is great!!!” RIAA records industry’s digital single certifications count download sales and on-demand streams in the United States, so this milestone is based solely on the number of sales and downloads. The announcement also came just before Rihanna-BBHMMVideoRihanna released the full video for her single BBHMM, which already has over three million views.