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Rocketeer's Gender Race Swap | Dafixer's Hideout - Blog of Umar H. Soaries

Rocketeer’s Gender Race Swap

Rocketeer Artwork
From Image Comics

As if the legion of online racists and sexist (and other Trump supporters) did not have enough to complain about, now Disney has decided to reboot Rocketeer and this time she’s Black.  Apparently it’s not going to make the missteps that Ghostbusters made.   It going to be a direct sequel, a lot of us are saying “reboot” because it’s been 25 years since the original movie and while it has a bit of a cult following it pretty much flopped at the box office.  No one thought they’d make another so when they announce the sequel it’s hard not thinking about it as a reboot.  Being a direct sequel tells that mostly white men who will scream about their white childhood being ruined to at least appreciate that they are not throwing out the original universe.    The character is going to be a pilot and before anyone points out that there were not African American woman pilots in the war, the writers are not saying she is a military pilot.  During the 1940’s it’s perfectly plausible for there to be pilots of every kind as learning and licensing was very different then it is today.    She’s going to uncover a plot by Nazi scientists to steal and develop rocket pack technology and will become the Rocketeer to put a stop to it.  Somehow this is going to lead to a full blown Rocketeer Corps -which I a totally on board with.  The scripts is being written by  by Max Winkler and Matt Spicer known for Brooklyn 99 and New girl.

No actors nor release date has been announced and I have to say where some people might see this as Hollywood mining old properties because of no new idea, I disagree.  I was not the biggest fan or Rocketeer.  It’s more of a movie I watch at four in the morning if I leave cable on while doing something else.   Saying it has a cult following really isn’t saying much because from my perspective everything before 2002 has a cult following of some kind.   However seeing the movie done with today technology where they can do a lot more and Disney having the balls to make a black female hero the center of the movie gets the thumbs up for me, even if you know the first person they are going to call is Zoe Saldana.  Don’t get me wrong I love Zoe Saldana for all the right and wrong reasons but she cannot be the representative of every black female in Hollywood.   Mostly I love watching racists and sexist get upset over shit because they are stupid to the point of being funnier then clumsy cat videos so here’s hoping Disney does this one right.




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