San Diego Comic Con 2016 – The Trailers

Unless you’re actually at San Diego Comic Con the main thing everyone looks forward to is the trailers.  Like people who aren’t into football still tune into the Super Bowl  watch it for the trailers people want to see what the big and small movie studios have coming.   I remember the days when comic convention were a thing but with comic and science fiction fans.  (See:  Geek, Nerd.)  Don’t get me wrong, there were more than a few conventions and they’d get crowds but nothing like you see today where comic conventions are major tourist attractions.   Movie studios did show up as would some TV show creators but mostly about things directly related to comics are science fiction.  We’re talking way back in the 1970’s and 1980’s in the days when Star Wars was new, Incredible Hulk was a god awful TV show and the Twilight Zone was still in perpetual re-runs.  Today comic conventions are not only a thing but everyone reports on the news and the trailers.  All the big movie hopefuls and indies show up to show off trailers of hold panels people stand on long lines to see.   Some of the movies or TV shows might not be about comics but if it has fans it shows up at San Diego Comic Con.   Comic Con is still the Mecca for geeks,  however since around 2001 it’s mostly about the trailers.

Last year Marvel made a big deal about not bringing their movie stuff to San Diego Comic Con.  I think they were trying to make the Disney con a thing or something, I totally forgot why.   Marvel was back this year and no matter how may other trailers we talk about this round of trailers were serious dick measuring contests between Marvel/Disney and DC/Warner.  I don’t care how polite they are but how the trailers were presented were strategies meant to generate the most buzz.   Having said that, how did the trailers do?

Justice League

Justice League Trailer

This one gets the top spot because this is the one you cannot click a link without seeing something about it.   Everyone was wowed by the two minute and 30 second trailers showing Bruce Wayne going around to gather what members of the Justice League Warner Brothers isn’t pussies about showing.  (Sorry Green Lantern and kinda-sorta dead Superman, you’re off the trailer team).   This trailer had a lot of nice moments to it but unfortunately I’m jaded by the previous efforts by the same film makers.   That a nice way of saying People were getting a huge woody over the fact that the trailer showed a little more humor,  and after the grim bullshit that was Man of Steel and Batman v Superman I can almost understand.   Almost.  Here’s one problem, go to any cast list for this movie, and the top billing is going to Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.   It’s not that I thought Superman was going to stay kinda-sorta dead, it’s just seems cheap they’d reveal it before they even finished shooting.    The Barry Allen Flash scene was ripped off directly from the Tony Stark Peter Parker scene in Civil War.  Cyborg didn’t get a Bruce interview, he just showed up like “look, black robot guy is in it too.”   In the end the main problem is Zack Synder.   He sucks at this.   I mean big time sucks.  Michael Bay sucks.   Everyone had exactly the same week long erection when they show the Batman v Superman trailer and look how that one turned out.    The Justice League is not the Justice league because we’re missing a Green Lantern and Hawkman (or Hawkwoman.)  DC is embracing it’s magic and aliens fully so why should that be a problem.   We all know the reason why Hal Jordan isn’t showing up, because his movie made Batman v Superman look like high art.  (Dammit DC, just pretend like it didn’t happen.  JEEZ!)  I’ll wait and see but I have no faith in the movie at all.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Trailer

Marvel might have had the most trailers but this one was the second most talked about Trailer of them all and it’s a damn good trailer.  The look it good, the story feels like it’s going to suit Wonder Woman, the action looks kick-ass and Wonder Woman feels like Wonder Woman.  If I were not a comic reader I’d wonder about the shield thing, but I am and I know that one of her weapons is that shield.   They are sticking with the origin story and that’s a plus in my book.   There was no indication of who the big bad is going to be but you did not need it.  It show Diana, her home, her coming to “man’s world” and her kicking ass and taking names.  The glowing magic lasso was a simple effect that rocked hard.   This movie I have way more faith in.

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Trailer

Okay, this is a blog post and somebody will be reading this one day in the future wondering why I added this trailer.  It was not the most talked about by a stretch and as of this writing the movie is about to come out in a little more than a week.   DC decided to put a 6 minute trailer out which seemed like a composite of the other trailers with some new scenes added to it.  Of course it’s set to the soundtrack.   You know what?  It works.   Seriously, no matter how the movie turns out go and look up the trailers, it does work.   You get a full sense of what this movie is and the movie feels like it’s not going to apologize for that.   I’m a guy so Margo Robby in tiny shorts helps with making me spend my ticket money but she has some really great lines despite the obvious. . .um. . .pandering?   Not to mention they gave Harley Quinn some kick-ass scenes and I had no trouble believing this hot psychopath (which was my pet name for my last girlfriend, by the way) could handle herself.   Way to go with the marketing, DC.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage Trailer

Where Marvel is screwing up with the one and only TV series, it’s showing huge balls on their Netflix series and Luke Cage looks like it’s going to make those balls even bigger.  They literally did the Daredevil season one hallway fight but if it was Luke Cage.  This was smart.  It said that Luke Cage might exist in the same world as Daredevil but this is not going to be Daredevil.  I do not think the hallway fight will be the feature of the series, but it was used to both connect the two shows and say both are going to be different.   I’m with the group-think on Mike Colter, he is Luke Cage.   Fight choreography for some super hero shows or movies must be a perfect nightmare.  How do you show someone who can toss cars around and is unaffected by 99.9% of anything you can load in a gun fighting regular people.  It’s that old joke “Superman vs the Army?  So what happens after page one?”  Whoever set-up the Marvel Netflix series knows that you have to make the hero work for their victory.    Marvel has earned my faith in their projects (except Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) so I’m on board.

Iron Fist

Iron Fist Trailer

Okay, this came out of no where.  I did not know they had even begun shooting.   The Trailer told a bit of a story but managed to come and go without giving us an idea of what the show would be like.   I mean what’s the over all tone or conflict.   The brief origin of Danny Rand could be from any kind of movie or show.  This felt more like Marvel trying to steal the show rather than a trailer to display what’s coming up.  Don’t get me wrong I’m excited for Iron Fist, but the trailer could have used a little more to it.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Trailer

So we’re going to keep trying to gloss over that whole cultural appropriation thing, huh?  I notice that when they were in the “training” parts they kept the cast a bit more diverse than the first trailer.    I am not against the gender bending, it’s a comic character to begin with so the idea of the Ancient One did have a wee bit of stereotype in it.   To be truthful Marvel created the character, they own and it realistically as well as legally speaking, they can do whatever the hell they want with the character.  However I get the problem.  The region screams that the main teacher should be Asian.    The lore of mystical arts the way it’s handled by Marvel screams non-white period.    But we are talking about a Marvel Movie and something tells me they pretty much side-step the issue with the same acrobatics that they avoid the Black Window movie that should have happened.    DC beat them to the “first woman feature” race, so it’s Marvel’s fault for being too scared to do it for no apparent reason.   (Lucy made money, Marvel.  That should have been your damn clue.)   I would be concerned that while Benedict Cumberbatch has major fan cred, his success outside of Sherlock isn’t exactly reflecting this.   Then again it’s a Marvel movie.   They just made Ant-Man a household name.  I think they’re going to be fine on Doctor Strange.

Kong Skull Island

Kong Skull Island Trailer

I knew this was coming but wasn’t expecting the trailer to drop during San Diego Comic Con.   I think I have a new story about it on this site but can’t be sure and I’m too lazy to shift through every blog post.  What I did not know was the John Goodman and Samuel L. Jackson was part of this movie.   I remember them making a big deal out of Tom Hiddleston being in it.  So this trailer was a little refreshing.   It starts out with a war movie feel.  I wasn’t sure if this was Saving Private Ryan 2 or what.  Then the over voice telling us about this being a “survey job” but everyone’s in Army uniforms.  So this isn’t a movie director looking for a location or whatever the hell Karl Denim’s purpose was.   Then comes the flight of the Apocalypse Now choppers through the jungle and something throws a tree at one.   Then we get the “this planet did not always belong to man” thing, and Samuel L. is point a gun a John Goodman’s head demanding answers.   Jump scare.  Cannibals.  Jump scare.  Running.  Big ass bloody hand print.  Then we see a Godzilla size King Kong for a split second.  Que movie music and titles and stuff.    This movie is being directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and I’m not going to even pretend to know who that is.  I have exactly the same problem with the 2014 Godzilla as everyone else, the constant cutting away from the cool monster stuff was annoying.  I hope they don’t do that with this movie.  I say this because this movie is intended to be the lead-in to the up-coming King Kong vs Godzilla movie.   They’ve got a good cast around it and the trailer did peak my interest.  Let’s see how it goes.








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