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San Diego Comic Con InternationalBefore I die I will get to San Diego Comic Con.  I will walk the crowded floors, pay money to meet a big time artist or actor, go to the outside presentations and shows.  I might even attend any panel not in Hall H – because Hall H is a time sucking nightmare.    It is the Mecca for comic collectors and I must make my pilgrimage before the great super dude in the sky tells me my time is up.   However I’m able to experience huge chunks of it because of YouTube and Facebook live and the endless posts and tweets flooding my feeds.    I’m going to talk about the trailers in another post, this one is to talk about some of the best news to come out of the largest pop culture event in July.   These are the stories that everyone seems to talking about the most.

SDCC News Story #1 – Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance Returns

Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance is making a return to video game consoles.   I’m a little surprised this did not happen ever the Avengers.  Ultimate Alliance is an action RPG with too much platforming mixed into it.   It’s fast paced and fun but my problem with it is that the cut scenes are better than the game play.   The cut scene are always these nicely rendered CGI animation of the Marvel heroes doing cool things, then in the game place you get these tiny squashed characters with more similarities to Super Hero Squad than a game produced with the current technology.   I’m going to get it (because Geek OCD) but I wish the game play was exactly like the cut scenes.   They say there’s a free download of it and people beginning to put up “let’s play” videos, so it’s going to be pretty popular.

SDCC News Story #2 – American Gods

They’ve been talking about making this one for a minute and now it’s finally coming in 2017.   Neil Giaman’s ultra weird epic American Gods and Bryan Fuller is making it while Stars will be airing it.  I cannot think of a more perfect combination.   This story needs to be on a pay cable channel so it’s not hindered by the stupidity that is “family TV.”   Sure, shows like Preacher and Walking dead push the envelope but some stories need a hard R rating, and American Gods is one of them.   There were so many pop culture news outlets latching on to this story my guess is that it’s going to make a big splash when it starts in 2017.  Here’s hoping.

SDCC News Story #3 – War of Warcraft Audio Drama

That’s right, I’m not kidding.  The World of Warcraft (WoW) is getting an audio play for. . .reasons.   During the “Warcraft: The Road to Legion”  panel Blizzard Entertainment announced the audio drama to begin on August 1st and titled “Tomb of Sargeras” and it promises to use iconic characters and up-to-date sound effects.   You’ve got to give to franchises like World of Warcraft, they find a way to keep moving forward in some shape or form.   I wish them much success with the project.

SDCC News Story #4 – DC Rebirth Reaction Surprises Publishers

DC Rebirth Surprised the publisher by being a hit.  Well. . .DUH!     Once upon a time DC was pretty much was the general public thought comics books were after the Adam West Batman.   It’s not that Marvel did not have it’s moments but they were trying to tell more up-to-date stories while DC seemed to be stuck in the 1950’s.   Then Crisis happened and DC got better.  I many way even better than Marvel.   They made Green Arrow a relevant character.   Think about that.  Green Friggin Arrow, the guy with the (lord help us) boxing glove arrow.   So what happened?   One of the things were they kept rebooting.   Every time you turned around there was a Crisis of a Final Night or a DC Zero but some huge story that would rearranged things so new reader could jump aboard.   It ended when someone in DC made the decision to try to go back to that 1950’s feel.   Heroes were made weaker, or changed completely, stories got. . .well, silly and they brought back the ten billion Earths so they could have ten billion versions of their super heroes.   I have no clue what made them come to their sense but they are now pushing to get back to the post-Crisis feel again.  Superman is fucking Superman again.   The Justice League haven’t lost their epic but they are losing the forced epic that came with New 52.   (Seriously if you just thumb through the book from #1 to now you wonder why the Earth isn’t a pile of rubble with the kinds of fights they’ve been having.   And to their shock people are responding.   Because we don’t need post 1965 Superman.  The world’s matured DC, get with the program already.

SDCC New Story #5 -Blind Faith in Justice League Movie

I’m not going to be specific about the trailer in this post, but I do not trust Justice League.   This is not a knee-jerk geek reaction, this is a evidence of past mistakes reaction.   The same crew who did the awful Man of Steel and followed it up with the impossibly horrible Batman v Superman are going to now do Justice League?   What, two prior failures weren’t enough?   How do you fuck up the first big budget Batman and Superman movie?   You have to seriously be trying.    And because they put out a over bloated trailer everyone suddenly got hope?   Are you people mad?   The Justice League show four members.   They can’t use Green Lantern because Warner Bros is still licking it’s wounds over that bomb.   They can’t show Superman because he’s fake dead.   People are loving Gal Gadot but forgetting her speaking lines in most of the movies she’s been in make Jessica Alba look like a classically trained actor by comparison.    Yet everyone is having celebration parties with their news feeds about that trailer.  The same kind of celebratory dance parties they had after Zack Synder put up the Batman v Superman kinda-sort trailer at last year’s San Diego Comic Con.   When it turns out exactly like I’m predicting I can’t wait the hear the excuses.

SDCC New Story #6 – Ghost Rider in Agents of S.H.I.E.LD

Like DC Marvel will have more than one spot on this list, but this one blew me away with the giant steel mega-balls Marvel has for doing it.   My problem is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has fallen short on what it could be.   First of all it’s afraid to be super.   People say it should be a spy show but they’re full of shit.  This is a super hero show.  It should have feature heroes like Ghost Rider in a similar way to Netflix.   They keep bring back the same villains and Marvel is trying to make Inhumans a thing.   Inhumans are never going to be a thing.   They are okay character but not “hold a story up on their own” characters.   They are either plot devices, McGuffins or the side character involved in the bigger thing.   None of their books go beyond “Hey, they published that.”  Not like Hulk or Spider-man or Iron Man.   Marvel decided that if they force feed them down our throats maybe they will be a thing.  Hasn’t happened yet.   So my fear is they will make Ghost Rider an Inhuman because that will suck.   The world is one where people fly and shoot laser beams out their eyes.  No one is going to think “What a guy who made a deal with the actual Satan?  No way man.”  It’s part of what makes Ghost Rider cool – okay I mean beside the bad ass flaming skull and bike thing.   He’s not actually “evil” but a creature created for a specific purpose, to punish living sinners horribly.  Johnny Blaze has to fight letting the creature go to far and often he loses.    He’s also creepy.   He was one super group and he even creeped out the demi-god who was a member.  Because he’s a fucking demon, not someone who drank inhuman spluge.    This is the point where I’d ask Marvel not to fuck it up, but the TV branch doesn’t know how not to fuck things up.

SDCC News Story #7 – Marvel’s Netflix Super Dump

I’d say the in the scheme of thing the Justice League Trailer got a lot of buzz, but people were going crazy over the three trailers Netflix dropped for Luke Cage, Iron fist and Defenders.   The last one was not even an actual trailer, more of a Flash animation with some style.  Unlike Justice League, Marvel has already built up massive amounts of good will by putting out awesome products with Daredevil and Jessica Jones so it would be a huge understatement to say these trailers left fans salivating like Hooch in Turner’s car.  (Look it up kids.)    Luke Cage was badass, Iron Fist was mysterious and The Defenders said “Hey, this shit is going to happen because we promised it was going to happen was we don’t break our promises.”  That was enough for this to take over anything with a news feed for the first two days.   They might act polite in public but you just know that behind the scenes DC is going “Fuck you Marvel.  Just fuck you.”

SDCC New Story #8 – Successful Twitch Live Streams

I am amazed at how many medie entities are determined to remain behind the times when it comes to how to use the Internet and social media.   Do the owners of San Diego Comic Con not get that if they offered live streams they could charge a fee for them and people would pay?    Is there a law against it I’m not aware of.   The Monday after saw more than a few serious news outlet talking about how successful the Twitch live feeds of SDCC panels were.   Can I get another “DUH.”   Not everyone can afford to go to these conventions, but judging by the crowd they are huge things.   Unlike YouTube Red, paying for a live feed broadcast into any convention, especially SDCC would be welcomed.   I would pay to see a lot of live panels.  Or offer it free because the ad revenue would pay for the extra tech it would take to do it.   I believe they would get that many watchers.  E3 does it.  Twitch just shows there is a demand for it.  So SDCC, get fully into the 21st century already.   Live broadcast the goddamn con.

As always the the really big news stories are about the trailers.  So up next, let’s have a conversation about the 2016 trailers shown at San Diego Comic Con.








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