SDCC News: Batman V Superman Trailer Drops, and it’s Awesome

Batman-v-Superman-001Yep, in a complete surprise to me, they actually released the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and it pretty damn good. Ben Affleck actually does the older Bruce Wayne some justice, you got a sense that he’s got the character down. The issue of Superman’s battle with Zod is obviously coming up, and Gal Gadot look pretty damn cool as Wonder Woman. They are obviously not going to let the issue of Metropolis being destroyed go, which is a good thing consider that is a lot of people’s, including my, with the last Superman movie. They might or might not have hinted the Aquaman appearance, but this is speculation so far. I mean, we know he’s going to be in it so it’s not like this is a spoiler.

I did have a problem. Jesse Eisenberg seems like he’s just playing Jessie Eisenberg. I just can’t get with Lex Luthor with hair. However DC does a much Batman v Superman Lex Luthorbetter job with embracing all the tropes of their super hero universe so I’ll just leave this one as a nit-pick. (But Luthor with hair?) I’m also tired of turning the Kent into cynical assholes. That line from Man of Steel when young Clark asks pa Kent if he should have let people die, and Pa Kent says, “Maybe you should” was bullshit and always will be bullshit in my mind. What they have Ma Kent saying is not too far from that. Again, these were small things – however when Man of Steel finally came out it was those small things that added up to the whole of why I feel the movie was not as successful as it could have been.

Then again there are many large pieces of chewy awesome in this trailer. Wonder Woman for one. The actual fight looks like they are just going for it – and if you have to have an epic fight scene Zack Synder is the guy you want doing it. The clues to a much larger story are very apparent, and how Batman gets involve was just pure geekasm. The best part. . .

There is a scene in the trailer where Superman rips open the Batmobile and he and Batman are standing facing each other that just gave chills. It was a far more powerful moment than the rooftop scene in the first teaser. The real battle of the super hero movies officially begin in 2016. Let’s see who takes the championship.